Bruce Arians won’t punish Antonio Brown or other players for fighting during practice with Titans


The Buccaneers and Titans had several skirmishes during practice on Thursday, headlined by a scrum involving receiver Antonio Brown. Tampa Bay coach Bruce Arians won’t be doing anything about it.

Arians told reporters he won’t punish any of his players for any fights that happened on Thursday.

Brown at one point was ejected from practice for ripping off the helmet of Titans cornerback Chris Jackson. Brown, who returned after cooling off, landed a solid left hook (as the attached photo demonstrates).

Arians also was happy with the overall experience coming from two days of practices with the Titans.

“Really pleased with the work we’ve gotten the last two days — extremely good competition,” Arians said. “Obviously, it always happens when the flyers and the gunners get together, something starts. But it was spirited, it was great practice and I really appreciate the Titans for coming down here and helping us get better, and hopefully we made them better.”

The incident with Brown and Jackson happened during one-on-one drills, not during a special-teams period.

Arians also was happy that the offense was sharper on Thursday than on Wednesday, when he was upset about dropped passes.

“I think yesterday [was] a little bit of the newness and some of that,” Arians said. “Coaches got on their ass pretty good, too.”

He added that the Buccaneers were hungrier on Thursday, and that it showed in their performance. Three Thursdays from now, the time comes for the Bucs to begin performing at a much higher level, when they host the Cowboys for the first game of the 2021 regular season.

17 responses to “Bruce Arians won’t punish Antonio Brown or other players for fighting during practice with Titans

  1. Wait til they are below .500 midway thru the season– whining and arguments every practice.

  2. Antonio should use Pacman Jones excuses. “I just got caught up in the moment,”

  3. jerruhjones says:
    August 19, 2021 at 5:46 pm
    AB is such a punk.


    He’d be the #1 WR on your team

  4. Well just like everything else NFL should be expected to dish out fines. AB can have charges brought against him and the way the NFL has been a soap opera this off season wouldnt surprise me. This is not over its just began.

  5. Well for all the luck that brought Arians a ring, the same luck will result in a fantastic blowup due to zero talent as a head coach.

    Bruce and Brady walked into a loaded team, just like Gruden and Brad Johnson before them.

  6. Joint practices between two different teams is a horrible idea. The players always fight, eventually somebody is going to get hurt.

  7. I dislike AB but I imagine some words were said and maybe the other guy deserved a right hook?

  8. Well he doesn’t get punished in everyday life either. even when he breaks the law, why should practice be any different. He’s going to end up doing something really stupid/unlawful and people will act surprised when it happens.

  9. It’s not going to blow up. Can you name one issue that has blown up on Brady. You can’t name a single teammate that Brady has not had a positive influence on

  10. Yes, constant 7-9 seasons on a good year and missing the playoffs for well more than a decade. Loaded 🙄

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