Jordan Love unlikely to play Saturday

Houston Texans v Green Bay Packers
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Kurt Benkert is set to have his moment to shine as a starting quarterback for the Packers.

Jordan Lovedinged” his right shoulder in the first Packers preseason game last weekend and missed multiple practices, but head coach Matt LaFleur said on Wednesday that Love would have “every opportunity” to show he was well enough to play against the Jets on Saturday. Thursday brought a more pessimistic outlook.

LaFleur said that Love is “probably unlikely” to play this weekend. The 2020 first-round pick remained out of the team’s joint practices with the Jets.

Benkert will get the start if Love is officially ruled out for Saturday because the Packers don’t intend to play Aaron Rodgers in the preseason. Jake Dolegala would be the other available quarterback.

10 responses to “Jordan Love unlikely to play Saturday

  1. Iron Man, at least the Pack is getting their moneys worth out of him. The future of the franchise hangs on this young man’s shoulder, I think I would rather put up with all the drama Aaron Rodgers can dish out !

  2. What a bad decision it was for GB to draft this guy. Wasted pick for them and for this talented kid who will sit and waste his career. Imagine if NE or someone would have traded up in the late first last year. He would have had a great start to a career. Instead of going to a dysfunctional organization which already had one of the greatest QBs of all time.

  3. Hey studlysmartguy, a smart guy would check before he speaks…

    Pricing this year is as follows: End zone seats are $58 for preseason, $118 for regular season. South end zone 700 level seats are $61 for preseason, $121 for regular season. South end zone 600 level seats are $64 for preseason, $129 for regular season.

  4. Looking more and more like a reach on this pick. Maybe they can grab Nate Stanley at a much lower price once he is cut – More TDs and less INTs in college against significantly higher level competition.

  5. Love has been more productive than Cousins this summer, by being vaccinated if nothing else.

  6. stellarperformance says:
    August 19, 2021 at 8:31 pm
    Love has been more productive than Cousins
    Does you obsession ever end no one is talking about Cousins. Not sure what you obsess about nor Culver’s or Cousins.

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