Terrell Owens claims that someone from NFL told him to stay in shape, that “anything can happen”

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The time spent by receiver Terrell Owens trying to return to the NFL has lasted nearly as long as his time in the NFL. Eleven years since he last played in a regular-season game, Owens still wants back in.

The Hall of Fame receiver told TMZ.com that he still has it.

“There’s no doubt, 100 percent, that I can play in the National Football League today,” Owens said.

Here’s the key claim that Owens made. He said that at least one “individual” in the league told Owens to remain in shape, and that he possibly could get a shot.

“With that conversation that I had, they asked me to keep myself in shape — anything can happen,” Owens told TMZ.com. “And, so, that’s what I’m doing.”

Given that his last chance came in 2012 during the preseason in Seattle, it’s hard to believe that a team would have interest in a 47-year-old receiver nearly a decade later. But, hey, Tom Brady is 44 — and Tim Tebow got a shot after being out of the NFL since 2013, at a new position.

It’s highly unlikely that Owens will resurface. It’s hard not to respect him for continuing to work so hard to stay in shape and to keep clinging to the desire to come back and show he can still do it.

Owens, a third-round pick of the 49ers way back in 1996, played for San Francisco, Philadelphia, Dallas, Buffalo, and Cincinnati. He entered the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2018.

25 responses to “Terrell Owens claims that someone from NFL told him to stay in shape, that “anything can happen”

  1. Owens has always had a whole different reality going on in his head than everybody else’s.

  2. There is no question that TO is as physically gifted as anyone we have ever seen in the league. And he is always in phenomenal shape. I have no doubt he would have the ability to do what WR need to do to catch passes. I do however have serious doubt that he could hold up to the physical nature of what happens to a WR after catching the football.

  3. I’m sure this actually did happpen. Stuck in an awkward pause in conversation they had to think up SOMETHING to say to him. It’s like telling a Bigfoot hunter that maybe today will be the day he’ll actually find the thing.

  4. I don’t think that he could usurp any team’s WR1, WR2, or WR3, but if those 3 get injured, and a team is desperate

  5. supercharger says:
    August 19, 2021 at 9:32 am
    The real greatest WR of all time. No stick em. No garbage yards. All heart.,


    Sorry but no, he was not the greatest WR of all time.

  6. A few years back, a long retired Brett Farve showing off, demonstrated his ability to make all the throws. He claimed that he could still play. After a pause he added “if they don’t hit me.” Old guys can often do a lot of the things the did as younger men. It’s that we can’t do it over and over. Taking a hit is one thing, taking hits again and again is another. TO is just another aging player rocketing toward middle age craziness to add to his collection of crazy in his head.

  7. I’m going to agree with most of the other comments that it’s not happening and he’s been keeping this dream alive long after it was over to everyone else. However, I also think a team should have signed him his first year of retirement and he probably could have contributed a good 3 years longer than he had the opportunity to.

  8. It’s like telling a Bigfoot hunter that maybe today will be the day he’ll actually find the thing.
    The fact that we actually have Bigfoot hunters is the funniest part about this…as if a breeding population of 8′ apes could go unnoticed in this country. You can’t fart on a butterfly without someone seeing it but there’s monsters in them there woods.

  9. sounds like t.o. has hit that “why did i waste it all when i had it” phase.

    whether it was the money, the reputation, the prime of his career, and now the fact he is no longer in demand… if he doesn’t say something ridiculous like this, TMZ has no use for a video of him otherwise

  10. Owens couldn’t beat press coverage 14 years ago. I doubt he’s gotten better in the meantime.

  11. Watch the end of the episode “Al Night Security Dude” of Married With Children if you want to see what a TO return would look like.

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