Aaron Rodgers “definitely” would have accepted Jeopardy hosting gig, which suddenly is open again

Jeopardy Productions, Inc.

The news has broken that the Mike Richards era is over as Jeopardy! host. (There was one?) Now, the producers will pivot to looking for a replacement to the replacement for Alex Trebeck.

They don’t to look very far for someone who will do it.

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers told Adam Schein of SiriusXM Mad Dog Radio, in an interview taped before Richards stepped down, that Rodgers would have taken the job, if it had been offered to him.

“Yes, I definitely would have [accepted the job],” Rodgers said. “I mean, if they would have figured out a way to make it work with my schedule, yeah, for sure.”

Presumably, Rodgers would accept the job if it were offered to him again. Maybe it will be. Maybe that would be enough to get him to decide to walk away from football after the 2021 season.

74 responses to “Aaron Rodgers “definitely” would have accepted Jeopardy hosting gig, which suddenly is open again

  1. Does anyone else find it funny that the Pack have sunk so low as to have QB1 be a fallback spot to a game show host position? Titletown, eh? Bwahahaha!

  2. Thought Rodgers was one of the worst guest hosts they brought in, TBH. Definitely hope it’s not him.

  3. I think this is really impressive, on the level of Strahan becoming a national morning show host. What an awesome retirement gig, and a completely different industry, at the top of that pyramid, replacing a legend. It’s the equivalent of being a career businessman/celebrity and suddenly becoming president of the United States.

    Like the man or not – and whether you think he’s a good show host (or POTUS) or not – from a career assessment move it is 100% baller. Good job outta Aaron Rodgers.

  4. I’ve been an avid Jeopardy fan for years and have been following the potential candidates pretty closely, and was pretty disappointed when they gave it to that EP, and am now pretty happy he’s stepping down. Not only for the controversy surrounding him, but I thought he was pretty boring and not even close to a shortlist of candidates I would have preferred.

    I think Rodgers did pretty well as guest host, he started out a bit shaky but turned it up and put in a pretty good performance. Given that, in addition to his fame/intrigue, I think he’d make a decent host, but he’s not who I would choose if I had preference. I’m kinda sick of the posturing over “Strategy” and “Excitement” over gimmicky candidates that should be chosen. I think the obvious and clearly best choice for permanent host is Ken Jennings. He’s smart, candid, loves and respects the game itself, and he can be quick witted and funny in a very similar manner that Trebek could. Add that to the fact that Trebek had the utmost respect for Jennings and left him his Cufflinks from his time as host, it seems obvious that Jennings would even be Trebek’s choice. I think they need to stop looking deep for gimmick hosts, and just go with the guy who was best at it, which to me was clearly Ken Jennings.

  5. Why give it a rest? It’s freaking hilarious what this drama queen creates. I’m enjoying it!

  6. I personally enjoyed the two weeks Aaron hosted Jeopardy and it helped raise money for a good cause, but there are far too many more qualified candidates for producers to seriously consider.
    LeVar Burton and Mayim Bialik did very well and definitely seem like good choices.

  7. What a mess to have all those guest hosts audition only to go the lamest route possible by picking the producer only to see him land in hot water instantly. But Rodgers’ ratings were among the worst of any guest host so he was never going to get that gig.

  8. azbearsfan35 says:
    August 20, 2021 at 10:53 am
    Lvar Burton all the way

    Lavar was terrible as guest host. Not sure why he is considered a fan favorite. I thought the best guest host was David Faber.

  9. Today’s final Jeopardy question …

    A self-important person who is temperamental and difficult to please.

  10. Why not stay with a rotating host concept? Have a main guy, say Ken Jennings, for most of the year and use guest hosts for a month at a time here and there. I liked the woman from Big Bang and also the Buzzy guy.

    Based on his what he said and done over the last six months or so, Rodgers would not be my first choice and I would not watch him.

  11. Enough. Stop. He was terrible. Other than Dr. Oz, he was probably the worst guest host. All he had going for him is that he was Aaron Rodgers.

    Hire LeVar Burton, who was the best guest host, and be done with it.


  12. Rodgers did ok during his guest host time, but he shouldn’t be considered a top contender. Lavar Burton is the guy! His background, smarts, and mere presence evoking nostalgia for Gen X’ers and Millennials who are now in Jeopardy’s audience wheelhouse make him the perfect person for the job.

  13. I hope they give Laura Coates a shot this time as she was recommended by Trebeck himself.

  14. Imagine losing your dream job over a podcast that no one ever listened to. Like everyone was hanging out waiting to see what the anonymous executive producer from Jeopardy had to say on anything.

  15. I cant solve for X here…
    He is an all-world football talent that has fallen woefully short in Superbowls based on said talent. He opts to not ‘run it in’ last year in the NFCCG (wha?!?!?!) , he’s seriously considering retirement (50/50 article) and wants to host Jeopardy.

    It doesn’t add up. He doesn’t have “it” regarding competitiveness, desire to win and desire to be great. That unyielding desire to show everyone who the best is. It’s that simple. If he had ‘it’, none of the above would apply.
    Talent and skill do not produce desire. I guess it’s mainly the other way around

  16. Funny the guy who is out was the top candidate until someone dissed on something he did 9 years ago. Burton was rated at 5% favorability but those who dissed the top guy started a campaign for Burton and now he is the favorite. I smell a rat in all this.

  17. Future tort action: Green Bay Packers vs Jeopardy —— Intentional interference with contractual relations.

    That’s a winner.

  18. Of course he would have taken it. Problem is: Rodgers isn’t a professional broadcaster/host – and it showed. He was terrible. Never in the running. Most of the people they gave this fill-in gig to were never in the running. Producers will choose someone with experience and talent in this specific area — Rodgers has neither.

  19. The problem with Rodgers hosting Jeopardy was he wanted a say in who the contestants were, who the sponsors were, and who was in the audience.

  20. It’s unbelievable to me that Rodgers can’t see how stiff, awkward, and unnatural he was in his attempt to host the show.

    Oh…wait a minute, I forgot. He’s an acute narcissist. OF COURSE he can’t see how terrible he was at it.

  21. Sounds like that Richards guy, who is the executive producer, pretty much rigged the selection process. Don’t watch the show, but I’m sure Rodgers, Jennings or Burton would all do just fine.

  22. Well, as he says: If they could figure out way to fit it in my schedule, yeah, for sure.

    A-Rod is a little busy right now 100% focusing on bringing home a 5th Lombardi to Green Bay.


  23. ImaPayne says:
    August 20, 2021 at 11:44 am
    Funny the guy who is out was the top candidate until someone dissed on something he did 9 years ago. Burton was rated at 5% favorability but those who dissed the top guy started a campaign for Burton and now he is the favorite. I smell a rat in all this.


    You’re probably right. Ever work in broadcasting? This stuff happens constantly.

  24. I thought Aaron Rodgers did a good job. I had no issues with him at all. He was a lot better than most of the other guest hosts. LeVar Burton on the other hand was awful. He was painful to watch. I still remember one Final Jeopardy where he seemingly took an hour to say whether a contestant got the answer right. It was that bad. My favorite has to be David Faber. He was smooth and likable. He was one of the most surprising guest hosts. I just want someone who does not have political baggage or hasn’t made extremely stupid comments online.

  25. Yes, yes, the production company which needs to pump out five polished episodes a week on a tight schedule would definitely be well-served hiring the petulant man-child who would probably go to pieces emotionally and mentally the first time an assistant forgot to check with him before phoning in a group lunch order.

  26. I hate to break it to him but he was no where close to being the best host of that show. Nothing personal but he still isn’t going to get that gig even now it may be available again. Stick to what your best at and it isn’t hosting that show.

  27. Trying to make it sound like he would have quit football to host, but read closer, he said “if they would have figured out a way to make it work with my schedule”, which means no way.

  28. BTW- People seem to think that taking over Jeopardy would mean that Rodgers would have to retire.

    Most TV game shows film all of their episodes for an entire year in about 8 weeks. He could easily do it during the off season.

    But as I said before- he’s not getting it anyway.

  29. Yea but would they want him. My guess is they are not impressed how he has treated his current management. Who is to say they sign him and then he starts making demands on who they hire, and then after a few year threatened to hold out of more money. No I don’t think they are looking for people like that.

  30. He’s not saying he’d retire, he’s saying he’d double-dip, if offered. I’m telling you, this guy is so California Cool he’s blowing peoples’ minds. I’m lovin” it.

  31. I have watched jeopardy off and on for decades. The utter incompetence of their search that was so self serving to say yeah this EP who runs the show should be it of course. Wtf. Well his incompetence previously in life derailed that so hopefully one of the good options gets named the permanent host of one of the very few tv shows that actually has been around long enough to have become a tradition bigger than itself. If I had my choice I say Levar Burton.

  32. Rodgers shouldn’t give up his day job. I didn’t think he was even in the top 5 guest hosts.

  33. Please offer it to him. I hate Rodgers and Jeopardy so it’s a win/win for me.

  34. What a.frigging drama queen. Quit already, you owe it your teammates. Your teamates deserve a player with his head in the game. Aaron your a fool.

  35. As a life long Vikings fan I hope he goes anywhere but the NFC north. Preferably out of football all together. However, People need to separate their football hate from hate of a person. I understand how this happens though as I have cursed at him many times during games. But seriously? This dude is quietly one of the most generous kind individuals out there.. He is quirky as F$#! but he is also down to earth and does a lot for his community.. Again, as a Vikings fan I hope he goes but I also think he is a pretty amazing guy

  36. touchback6 says:
    August 20, 2021 at 11:28 am
    The Diva loves the attention as much as Brady.


    I’ll take “People who project and don’t realize they are taking about themselves” for $1000

  37. It doesn’t matter if he will accept it. He simply isn’t good enough. Many of the guest hosts were better than Rodgers. He doesn’t have a chance.

  38. much like at the end of the year if the pack have ultimately a disappointing year …. two things will have happened … one he still ain’t the host n two the team he really really wants to be traded too …. well so sad n too bad does not seem to want you either.

  39. Aaron Rodgers has a charisma about him that none of the other candidates have. Future HOF QB. Ladies-man extraordinaire. American folk-hero the likes of which couldn’t be measured by a Mickey Mantle, Gordie Howe or Peyton Manning. A man millions could watch every week night.
    His schedule would include the NFL and taping done the rest of the year. I don’t watch Jeopardy much, but loved it when he was there. I loved many teams but not the Packers. My bias doesn’t affect my respect for Aaron Rodgers , as Trebek’s replacement.

  40. As long as the producers of the show clear every category and question with their new host first, I think Rogers would be great.

  41. You were nevee a serious contender for jeopardy. One you can’t substitute in your own questions. Two you are not getting a new deal because the guy on price is right has a new deal. Three. It’s jeopardy – you are football player. Stay in your lane. Next stop, hosting amazon games.

  42. Doesn’t have a crisp voice. That’s not to say he mumbles. But he doesn’t have that natural game show voice.

  43. Rodger could only mimic Alex. Nothing original or interesting about his hosting

  44. He’s not even a serious candidate, its not like they were begging him to accept their offer.

  45. The packers are going to flop this season. Back to back losses in the NFC CG and then this unnecessary off season drama with Rodgers. So bad President,GM and Head Coach have to fly out to California to talk Rodgers from the ledge. Afterwards Rodgers starts making demands and got his buddy Cobb back. Pathetic, Rodgers even mentioned he thought about retiring. Favre wasn’t this bad.

  46. Jay Cutler (28) and Brad Johnson (27) have more game winning drives than Aaron Rodgers (25).

  47. My old football coach said losing, like winning, is a team effort and one person or play is not the difference in the game.

    King did not have a good game. But he is far from the worst corner in the league.

    Digital media makes it possible for armchair GM’s to make snap judgements about players, etc. Too bad they are often wrong.

    King and the Packers will do fine this year…that’s my prediction.

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