Browns sitting Baker Mayfield, most starters again this weekend

Cleveland Browns Training Camp
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When Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski announced that most of the team’s starters would sit out last week’s preseason opener, he said he’d discuss plans for the rest of the preseason “when appropriate.”

The appropriate time to discuss plans for this Sunday’s game against the Giants came after the completion of their two joint practices with the NFC East club on Friday. Stefanski said that quarterback Baker Mayfield and most of the players who were out last week will sit again this weekend.

Stefanski said, via Mary Kay Cabot of, that his decision was influenced by the quality of the work that the team did over the last two days.

The Browns close out their preseason schedule against the Falcons on August 29 and that will be the final chance for Mayfield and others to get snaps before heading to Kansas City in Week 1.

7 responses to “Browns sitting Baker Mayfield, most starters again this weekend

  1. Smart move. Actually, a no-brainer. Teams have to cut 32 players in the next 4 days. I’d be taking a really good look at all the potential cuts to make sure I’m cutting the right guys, but also to see who might get called back during the season as injuries start hitting.

  2. since most of their starters ain’t worth much of nuthin’ to begin, it’s not surprising;

  3. Keenum can do for the Browns what Mayfield does, with better ball placement and guys can actually run with the ball after they catch it

  4. If the Browns pay Mayfield any more than $20 million if they re-sign him they are asking for trouble

  5. again the most overrated team in the AFC, if not the entire NFL, save for Dallas;

    a pint-sized QB, a one-cut one trick pony RB, a one-man pass rush, horribly overrated WRs, a soft OL and softer secondary;

    they’ll be lucky to make wild card;

  6. part of the reason the NFL expanded the playoffs is for weak teams like the browns to get in;

    otherwise, they have little chance against the likes of Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Tennessee, LAC, NE (even in a rebuilding year);

    yeah they slipped in last year and got by an aging Steelers team;

    Pittsburgh, LAC, Baltimore and KC all went out and specifically retooled so that won’t likely happen again..even Buffalo tried to improve its decrepit pass rush after wasting the draft last year on Epen-wheezer;

    where did cleveland improve correspondingly? pass rush? offensive line? RB? TE? DB? the answer to all is a clear no, which neatly sums up their chances against teams who emphatically did;

    Dallas are the exact same way in the NFC, facing off against SF, LAR, Seattle, Tampa Bay and much improved Arizona, Chicago and now even Philadelphia, thus the expansion of the playoffs to hopefully catch them up, too, in the expanding fishnet of playoff mediocrity;

  7. Smart move, need everyone healthy. Preseason games are meaningless unless there is a new coach trying to get coaching practice or if you need to evaluate players. Let the backups play, this is their chance to get live action and get prepared.

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