David Njoku wants a contract extension with Browns

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Tight end David Njoku wanted out of Cleveland at one point, but he’s singing a different tune this summer.

Njoku told reporters on Friday that he was instructing his agent to have conversations with the team about a contract extension. The 2017 first-round pick is playing out the fifth and final year of his rookie contract.

Njoku’s agent Malki Kawa suggested things were going this way last weekend when he told Mary Kay Cabot of Cleveland.com that he thinks Njoku wants to be with the Browns for the long term. The tight end went back and forth about his desire to be traded in 2020 and it seems he’s finally made up his mind.

It’s unclear if the Browns feel the same way. Njoku caught 19 passes for 213 yards last season, which put him behind Austin Hooper and Harrison Bryant in the pecking order at tight end. Hooper signed a four-year deal as a free agent last year shortly before the Browns made Bryant a fourth-round pick, so keeping Njoku may not prove to be a priority in Cleveland.

10 responses to “David Njoku wants a contract extension with Browns

  1. Ambivalent Browns fan here. He is definitely a potential asset (gotta use him) but we clearly don’t need him. My suspicion is he wants to stay in part because of those (lack of) numbers he posted last year. No monster contract for those. So keep him or shed him I don’t care, but he definitely isn’t a need and after last year, I personally am not sure he is even a want for me.

  2. I don’t know how Browns fans feel about David Njoku…but he really hasn’t done anything to earn a contract extension. Can’t stay on field as it is…David has zero leverage.

  3. The Browns overpaid for Hooper who is an upgrade over Njoku in this offense. They would have been better off just extending Njoku.

  4. Tell him to stop whining and stay on the field. Andre Hopkins gets hurt, but stays on the field. And yeh, dont drop so many balls and we will think about it.

  5. Anytime you listen to Drew Rosenhaus then you chase bigger dollars, so drew can get his commission to the detriment of your own career. Ask Terrelle Pryor how that worked out, turned down 4/$32M with 17M guaranteed from the Browns and got 1 year $6M. Njoku has the ability to be a good TE but his issue has been drops that’s why they brought in Hooper and drafted Bryant. If Njoku can catch the ball more consistently then he has the ability to be a #1 TE.

  6. any browns fans that says something about his blocking shows their clear lack of football knowledge. Njoku was one of the top blocking tightends. He had the highest pass block grade among TEs. The guys drops are way over stated. Browns fans are fine with odell dropping gimmie passes and showing a fear of getting hit, but then rag on Njoku. TE is the next hardest position to learn, and David was really young amd still is. We signed Hooper because berry didnt know what he had in Njoku, now they do. Both our playoff games saw Njoku out snap Hooper by a large Margin. His ceiling is higher and his floor is already higher than Hoopers. Hooper is glued to the ground on comparison To Njoku.

  7. I’m not sure what he is asking for but if you are considered an often injured blocking tight end in the NFL you shouldn’t be publicly lobbying for a new contract. Wanting to know where you stand with the team is something you should keep in house. The fact they went out and paid Hooper and drafted Bryant should give you a good indication that they aren’t totally invested in you, especially after spending a 1st round pick on you. The only way Njoku gets his extension in Cleveland would be if they were able to trade Hooper after this season in which it still would result in an 11.5 million dollar dead cap hit. Not happening. Njoku is in a tough spot, he’s going to have to play out his last year in Cleveland under his current deal and hope for the best in ’22.

  8. Njoku was only 20 and was a very incomplete, flawed TE coming out of Miami. Since then, he has corrected the 2 flaws in his game, but the outdated narrative remains. Njoku just needs to be used more, as he showed in Dec and Jan last year after Stefanski and AVP remembered Njoku was on the roster.
    Blocking: PFF rates Njoku as the best blocking TE on the Browns, and above average in the NFL.
    Poor hands: Njoku’s dropped fewer passes than either Bryant or Hooper. His dropped% was about the same as Hooper and much better than Bryants. His catch% was almost identical to Hooper’s.
    Also, he continues his greatest strength as an explosive receiver: he led the Browns’ TEs with yards per reception, % of catches for a 1st down or TD (79% vs Bryant’s 67%), and yards after the catch.
    So, he’s a better blocker, has similar hands but is more explosive than TE #1. Browns need to use hoim more.
    Either way, Njoku is gone in 2022. If he is used and has a good year, he’ll sign somewhere else for 3 years and at least $25M. Browns can’t afford almost $20M tied up in TEs that aren’t named Kittle, Kelce or Waller. If he does not play well, then it’s all moot anyway.

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