Pete Carroll not concerned about Duane Brown’s availability for opener

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Seahawks left tackle Duane Brown has been absent from the team facility the past couple of days. Coach Pete Carroll said Brown had an urgent family matter back home but returned today.

Brown hasn’t practiced in training camp as he seeks a new deal, a deal the Seahawks appear reluctant to give him.

Russell Wilson has made it clear he wants, hopes and expects Brown in the starting lineup Sept. 12. Carroll was asked if he was concerned about Brown’s availability for Week 1.

“No, I’m not concerned about that,” Carroll said, via Brady Henderson of ESPN.

Time is ticking, though, as both sides appear dug in.

Brown, who turns 36 this month, in the final year of his current pact set to make $10 million in base salary.

6 responses to “Pete Carroll not concerned about Duane Brown’s availability for opener

  1. They’ll give Brown some more money, and then he’ll play without any conditioning into “football shape” and sustain some sort of injury.

  2. I think this is why I loathe PC and I’m a diehard since 1983. He has an unhappy LT, a HOF QB that needs protection or won’t stay with the Hawks past next year and PC isn’t concerned.

    He’s never concerned about the OL and he’s never fielded a top 15 unit in his 10 years as VP and coach. How is it possible? I’ve drafted better. Both Armstead and Ramcyck would be starting tackles for the Hawks. Instead we trade down and draft poor OL like Ifedi in rd 1

    Get an OL and be honest. We’re in trouble at the OL position again.

  3. PC saying he isn’t concerned is PC saying “I’m keeping it in-house where it belongs”. Be thankful he is a coach that NEVER messages things through the media. That tactic is simply not part of the Seahawks culture and never will be.

  4. Duane Brown asking for an extension right now, with only this year left on his contract, is simply Duane’s way of saying he doesn’t want to become a FA at the end of the year. He wants to remain in Seattle for the remainder of his career. The Seahawks position is one of caution because at Brown’s age they simply cannot risk large dead cap money on a 36 year old player that has a bit of an injury history. Yet they too want him to finish his career in Seattle and have said just that. So just like the Jamal Adams situation, neither side is going to negotiate anything via the media. It will stay in-house and they will figure out a way that works well for both parties. Which means both sides are being nothing but professional and transparent.

  5. I 100% agree with Rick Darcy. It is the ghost of Bud Grant, PC’s beginnings as a defensive backfield coach, and the notion that defense wins championships. This year there is very good depth in defensive front and midfield, and offensive “skill” positions. Coupled with Seattle being among the most injured teams every year under Carroll’s strength & conditioning staff from USC, and I think Russell Wilson walks next year after an injury from poor protection.

    Compare the Seahawks to Vikings under Bud Grant with Fran Tarkenton. Watch Kurt Warner’s “QB Confidential / StudyBall” and it becomes shocking how Seattle has failed to fully develop Russell Wilson — who makes an inordinate effort at honing the mental aspect of the game with Trevor Moawad, as Wilson explained in his TED Talk last year.

  6. Rick Darcy says:
    August 20, 2021 at 7:01 pm

    He’s never concerned about the OL and he’s never fielded a top 15 unit in his 10 years as VP and coach.
    Per PFF, the Seahawks offensive line was ranked 14th last year. They look worse because Russell holds the ball too long and takes stupid sacks and doesn’t throw the ball away when he should because he’s trying to protect his completion percentage and qb rating. So, sure they weren’t the best, but they’re not as bas as Wilson makes them look.

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