Court issues arrest warrant for Clinton Portis over unpaid child support

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Former NFL running back Clinton Portis made $43 million during his career. He’s currently facing imprisonment over failure to pay child support.

According to Jennifer Cabrera of the Alachua (Fl.) Chronicle, a court order has been issued for the arrest of Portis. He has failed, based on court documents inspected by the Chronicle, to make a single payment on a monthly obligation of $1,937 for a child born in March 2015.

The court reportedly found that Portis owes $147,962.49, plus interest. The court also concluded, per the Chronicle, that Portis has “the means and ability to pay, has guaranteed income, and has substantial retirement assets.”

Portis filed for bankruptcy protection in 2015. Child-support obligations generally cannot be discharged, however. And there’s no indication that the amount owed by Portis was in any way diminished by his bankruptcy filing.

The nine-year NFL veteran, who played for Denver and Washington, has more immediate legal issues. His trial on criminal fraud charges is scheduled to begin in a federal court in Kentucky on Monday, August 23. Portis is accused of conspiracy to commit health care fraud and wire fraud in connection with the health plan available to retired NFL players.

14 responses to “Court issues arrest warrant for Clinton Portis over unpaid child support

  1. Wow. I don’t know how many millions of dollars this guy has made over the years, but any responsible person would have a nice nest egg and more importantly, support his children. Just pure irresponsibility and ignorance.

  2. This is another form of abuse. It should result in a 4 game suspension without pay and he should be forced to make ammends as well as all legal fees plus an additional 25% fine to the league for the black eye he inflicted on the NFL (payment for negative news). Resolve it or never play again.

  3. I wonder what kind of guaranteed income he has. Of course I think he should support his child, but it seems like the guy was broke awhile ago and resorted to fraud because he squandered his NFL earnings.

  4. Is “Sheriff Gone Getcha” going to arrest him? Or will he turn himself in with his pastor “Reverend Gon’ Change”. Guess he is not friends anymore with “Dollah Bill”.

    Seriously. He hasn’t had any money in years and that child support payment, should reflect his current financial situation. $1,900.00 a month is too much, as he is broke. Clinton is about to go through some things. Good luck to him.

  5. That child support is more than I get on social security..they only give me 500.00 for my son..he should go in and redo his income. Can get it lowered if his income isnt the same..

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