Mitch Trubisky marches Bills downfield for touchdown on first drive in return to Chicago

Buffalo Bills v Chicago Bears
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Bills quarterback Mitchell Trubisky is making his return to Chicago today, and he’s getting the job done.

Trubisky threw the ball very well on the opening drive today, completing five of seven passes for 53 yards, and the drive ended with a Devin Singletary touchdown run.

Chicago fans met Trubisky with some cheers and some boos when he took the field. Trubisky went to the Bears with the second overall pick in the 2017 NFL draft and had a Pro Bowl season and went to the playoffs in his second year, but things quickly went downhill and his tenure in Chicago is now viewed as a major disappointment.

In Buffalo Trubisky will try to kick start his career as a backup to Josh Allen.

UPDATE: 2:09 p.m. ET: Trubisky also led the Bills to touchdowns on his second, third and fourth drives.

27 responses to “Mitch Trubisky marches Bills downfield for touchdown on first drive in return to Chicago

  1. While he was a bad starter, he is way better than a typical backup.
    I would be curious how Trubisky would do as a starter on a different team.

  2. Was the issue Mitch? Or simply the Bears coaches inability to develop a young quarterback.

  3. The real story so far is how awful the Bears D looks. That intern they promoted to DC hasn’t impressed me at all.

  4. As i’ve said from the start, Bear fans will miss Trubisky. He completed 64% of his passes to whom? That was one of the biggest no name offenses in the league. I’ll bet the next Bears QB does not win 29 of 50 games. In 4 seasons he’s 5th all time in Bears passing. Bear fans never had it so good. Time to join the Lions at the bottom of the division. Oh my.

  5. george1859 says:
    August 21, 2021 at 1:56 pm
    Was the issue Mitch? Or simply the Bears coaches inability to develop a young quarterback.

    So your saying Fields should be fine, right?

  6. The Bills might have the best depth in the league. Their backups would be starters on a lot of teams.

  7. Mitch was drafted way ahead of where he should have been. The guy could not even win the starting job until the guy ahead him graduated. That guy graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering. No way that guy could have been putting much work into football and passing class. Mitch “looked the part” according to Chicago. Pat and the Clemson guy didn’t. Chicago whiffed twice. Three times if you count the trade capital to actually whiff.

  8. Looks like future Head Coach Dabol may have his next QB. And it was a smart move by Mitch to become a backup on a well coached team and get familiar with the offense he’ll be running next year – wherever he and Dabol may end up.

  9. No one in Chicago is surprised. This is what he is. A QB with great natural talent, who is more than willing to flex it in meaningless games.

    Bills fans just better hope they don’t ever need him to come through in any spots that actually matter.

  10. The Bears defense has regressed every year since Fangio left, and it’s really getting obvious now !

  11. The age old question: “is it the coach/system or is it the player” has been answered.

    Unlike the rest of Bears fandom – I don’t want Fields to start this year. Nagy is a horrible coach, and I don’t want him to be able to ruin ANOTHER player.

  12. Trubisky 34 the Red Rifle 6. Ironic? Another Pace/Nagy production for your entertainment.

  13. Settle down, it’s a pre-season game. A lot can happen and it’s a long season. I remember watching the Colts with Payton Manning didn’t win a pre-season game like 4 years I a row but they were in the playoffs every year.

  14. Happy for Trubisky. He is a class act. I am not sure if it will be as a starter or not but. I expect him to have a long career in the NFL.

  15. This proves the issue was never about Mitch. It was the idiot coach that ruined him. I hope Fields is taking notes…

  16. Trubisky somehow still gets by with 6-10 yard passes;

    perfect for an overdrafted first round bust now settling in as a career game manager backup on a team hoping they never need him;

  17. Today’s game will be dismissed by the Bear faithful as meaningless preseason balderdash but true fans will see through that baloney on two issues:

    1. Trubisky with a decent o-line and good receivers looked more than competent.

    2. Dalton surrounded by the current O-line and a raw receiver group and still no real running game looked like Mr. 3 and OUT. Foles will be the same and Fields will entertain us with some great scrambling but few wins against good opponents.

    What a long year ahead!

  18. Mitch Trubisky marches Bills downfield for touchdown on first drive in return to Chicago

    And had he played in Chicago like he played last night he’d stll be starting in Chicago!

    2017 Browns pre-season 4-0, 2017 regular season Browns 0-16, so the pre-season means absolutely nothing!

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