Carson Wentz, Quenton Nelson will return to practice on Monday

Indianapolis Colts Training Camp Practice With Carolina Panthers
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Jacob Eason or Sam Ehlinger? The Colts may not have to make that decision, after all.

Coach Frank Reich as announced that quarterback Carson Wentz will return to practice on Monday, three weeks after surgery to repair a broken bone in his foot.

Reich said that guard Quenton Nelson also will return on Monday. Nelson had the same surgery as Wentz, one day later.

The Colts face Seattle three weeks from today. Both Wentz and Nelson had timetables of five to 12 weeks for their returns. Both could be ready to go come Week One.

Center Ryan Kelly also is expected to return to practice on Monday. He has missed time with an elbow injury.

It’s critical that the Colts have all of them. The schedule starts with a crippling five-game stretch: Seattle, Rams, at Titans, at Dolphins, at Ravens.

Maybe, barring aggravation or new injuries, they will.

18 responses to “Carson Wentz, Quenton Nelson will return to practice on Monday

  1. Good call to change the plan and get the surgery. Some were talking about him missing the opener. pffft

  2. I appreciate the Colts effort but everybody knows they aren’t close to a Super Bowl.

  3. Lots of raider trolls on these comment boards lately. I don’t get it. Usually this is the time of year when you still have hope and are in a happier mood. It’s november-january when you guys are usually all bitter.

  4. Wentz has never lacked toughness, his brutal beatings behind the eagles offensive line the past two years attests to that. His football intangibles are questionable as is his declining accuracy, mobility and desire to be great.

  5. Rush them back for an obvious L in week 1? Ridiculous. Be smart and shoot for a more reasonable window of week 2 or 3.

  6. So much for 5-12 weeks. The medical field never ceases to amaze. The rest of the country is headed down the tubes, but the medical field is our one shining light.

  7. Obviously the injury reporting in this situation was just sensational journalism at its finest. But will anyone be held accountable? Absolutely not.

  8. So Wentz, with a broken bone and surgery is going to miss less practice time than Dak Prescott with a pulled muscle? Somebody somewhere isn’t being very forthcoming.

  9. I’ll give Winston for being consistent just like this guy’s car. Always on the DL( at the shop). When all done, he will settle in as a backup.

  10. Uhhhhh, Ballard and Reich seats are definitely not getting warm. Both just signed extensions through 2026.

  11. Injury prone guy back from foot surgery in under a month? Playing for a team with a history of ruining guys’ careers due to poor medical advice? Sure, let’s go with that.

  12. Eason and Ehlinger both don’t seem to be ready yet, hopefully Wentz is ready to go by the opener and can quiet his haters and doubters.

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