Vic Fangio still isn’t ready to pick between Drew Lock and Teddy Bridgewater

Denver Broncos v Seattle Seahawks
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As the saying goes, when you have two quarterbacks, you have none. The Broncos believe that they currently have two quarterbacks, and that they have two quarterbacks.

“Both of these guys have done well,” coach Vic Fangio said of Drew Lock and Teddy Bridgewater after Saturday’s 30-3 win over the Seahawks in Seattle. “We can play and win with either one of these guys, and that’s a good thing.”

Fangio hasn’t made a decision as to which of the two will start the first game that counts, three weeks from the regular-season opener at the Giants.

“The calendar’s closing in on us,” Fangio said. “It won’t be tomorrow. The earliest it would be would be early next week, or we’ll let it go another week. These guys, both of them, Drew and Teddy, have done well, as you guys have seen, and they’ve made it a hard decision. We’ll give it thorough thought. We’ve been discussing it with the coaches, with [General Manager] George [Paton] all along, and we’ll continue to do that.”

Bridgewater got the start and played two series. Drew Lock handled five series. It amounted to 23 snaps for Bridgewater and 29 for Lock.

Bridgewater completed nine of 11 passes for 105 yards and a touchdown. Lock completed nine of 14 passes for 80 yards (136.74 rating). Bridgewater led the offense to two touchdowns on his two drives (79.46 rating). Lock led the offense to nine points (three field goals).

It’s somewhat surprising that it’s this close. Lock would seem to be the favorite, given that he has the higher ceiling and was a second-round pick. Bridgewater, however, has an underrated calm and consistency. Fangio praised Teddy’s subtle ability to buy time without running.

“He’s got good quarterback awareness and instincts,” Fangio said as to Bridgewater. “I think it’s shown in the way he can move within a pocket, and buy time that way. You know, there’s two types of elusive quarterbacks, the ones that run around and there’s the other ones that manipulate the pocket to buy time. And the best in the last 20 years of that has been Tom Brady. And he’s got a little of that in him, as far as manipulating the pocket.”

Fangio also pointed out that there were some “protection breakdowns” when Lock was on the field. “I want to see all his plays with a remote in my hand and take a good look at it, rather than what I saw at the field at the time,” Fangio said.

When it comes to what matters most — turning possessions into touchdowns — Bridgewater was perfect last night.

“I just wanted to get my unit to the end zone,” Bridgewater told reporters after the game. “That’s been my message throughout training camp. My mentor, my great mentor [Bill Parcells], he always tells me, ‘Hey, just get your unit to the end zone. No matter how you do it, just get them in the end zone.’ And that’s my mindset every time I step foot on the field is how can I get this unit that’s out here with me competing and battling every play to the end zone, because that’s the most exciting feeling, when you score a touchdown.”

A slightly more exciting feeling could be coming for Bridgewater within the next week or so, if Fangio informs Bridgewater that he will be the starter when the Broncos begin the season with a rematch of the first Super Bowl victory engineered by Teddy’s mentor.

29 responses to “Vic Fangio still isn’t ready to pick between Drew Lock and Teddy Bridgewater

  1. Defensive minded head coach like Zimmer. Solid defense, good run game, nice weapons. If your kicker is better than Blair Walsh you can win some playoff games with Teddy playing quarterback.

  2. I haven’t been watching the games, but that never kept anybody from having an opinion, right? I’d guess they’ll give the job to Lock, and Teddy would be near the top of the list for QB’s if and when a starter on another team gets injured. He’s played long enough and is probably familiar with a lot of the offenses that are being run in the league. He’s done it before. This would be the first time any of my Denver QB predictions came true, since Elway took over, so I’m not betting my house on this.

  3. Teddy can always pull out that left-handed Garo Yerpremian pass he showcased against the Packers.

  4. Denver going through what most fanbases go through: bad QB situations. They were spoiled with elway and Manning. Time for their moment in the pit like the rest of most of us.

  5. Kind of like choosing between cauliflower and broccoli , neither are that good and in the end it doesn’t really matter which one you pick .

  6. It’s should be Teddy, but Vic know that as soon as he does it, Elway (who still holds the purse strings regardless of what is said) will feel slighted, and the fragile mind of Drew Lock will take a massive hit.

  7. For now, teddy is the better quarterback. Maybe not in the future, at least the team hopes that it will not be true. You kind of know exactly what you are getting with teddy. He is so good that many trans have let him go. He’s a backup that can beat out the guy that you want to start. No, you don’t have two quarterbacks. You have two backups

  8. It is Teddy. If it is about winning games and leaning on that defense should be really good they could shock people

  9. As a Broncos fan, I stopped listening to this nonsense weeks ago. Start Lock. He’s younger, faster, and stronger. If he fails, then at least you know that that his time in Denver is over and the front office has to start over at QB.

  10. Anyone with a brain knows it should be Lock. Last night, although he didn’t punch in touchdowns he still led them to scoring drives. In spite of OL getting blown up, tripping him, botched snaps and RBs not paying attention. Those number 2s last night just had their heads up their butts!

    If Fangio still doesn’t know I’d go 1 more week and see what these guys do the final preseason game. Lock has way more upside IMO

  11. This was THE pressure game. Teddy got TWO touchdowns in TWO drives against starters. Drew Lock got a whopping FIVE drives and got ZERO touchdowns. Lock looked confused and lost and very much like the guy who went 5-11 last year. I understand that many Broncos fans are invested in Lock and convinced he can be stellar, but sometimes a hotshot passer is just a hotshot passer. If you want to actually have a winning season with a leader who can win and get the most out of his teammates, Teddy Bridgewater has proven the clear choice.

  12. Honestly no reason to not play both. They are each second-level guys and have some good and some bad, so give each as many reps as you can and go with the hot hand.

  13. They need to find out what they in Drew Lock. If he doesn’t work out, draft another QB.

  14. I get that they need to figure out whether Lock is the long term answer, but they’ll have a better chance at winning week in and week out with Bridgewater starting and Lock might be better served learning behind him for a bit.

  15. 100% it should be Lock. If he falters, then its time to move on from him and put Teddy in there. Hopefully season isn’t too far gone at that point. I think the Broncos have the easiest schedule in the league this year. With their D, they could push for a playoff spot.

  16. Pull the trigger already Vic. Neither QB is going to get you to the playoffs and you’re indecision is gonna cost you your job. So pick one now so you can get ready for the real games.

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