Bill Belichick: Stephon Gilmore still day-to-day

New England Patriots v Miami Dolphins
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While Patriots cornerback Stephon Gilmore presumably remains unhappy with his contract, he also is still on the physically unable to perform list weeks into training camp.

Gilmore is continuing to rehab the partially-torn quad that landed him on injured reserve last season. Head coach Bill Belichick was asked about Gilmore’s status on Monday morning and essentially provided the same answer he had a couple of weeks ago — Gilmore is day-to-day.

“I know that Steph’s been working extremely hard,” Belichick said in his press conference. “I see him in here all the time and he’s doing other things while we’re practicing, so we don’t really see him on the practice field. But he’s been doing everything he can do, and the things he hasn’t been able to do, he hasn’t been able to do. I’d say it’s day-to-day. We just keep trying to put days together and stack them together and when he’s ready to be out there, then he’ll be out there. If he’s not ready to be out there, then he’ll work on the things he can work on to try to get ready to be out there. So we’ll just take it day-to-day.”

In answering a follow-up question, Belichick added that Gilmore is doing what he can and that he’ll be on the field when he’s ready.

“And if he’s not ready, then I don’t think him being out there is a smart decision for any of us,” Belichick said. “We’re not going to do that, nor should we do that. So we’ll take it as it comes.”

At this point, Gilmore’s return does not appear imminent. But there is still time for Gilmore to get back on the practice field and ready to play before the Patriots begin their season against the Dolphins on Sept. 12.

7 responses to “Bill Belichick: Stephon Gilmore still day-to-day

  1. Even the most casual of NFL observers know that Bill Belichick values his compensatory picks far more than the proven talent walking out the door. At this point…Stephon Gilmore leaving is not a matter of if,but just a matter of when. Bill loves his 3rd thru 7th round compensatory picks.

  2. He ain’t outpokering BB – he can’t even prove he’s 100% recovered, let alone game ready.

  3. They need to get this done before the regular season. When the regular season starts, and he hasn’t practiced, I believe he has to be placed on the Reserve/PUP list. Then he has to sit out the 1rst 6 wks. If I have this right.

  4. My guess is he goes on PUP, misses the 1st 6 games & continues to rehab & get healthier then plays out the rest of the season for 7 million & some reasonable yet challenging incentives to reach….

  5. Hate to be a cynic, but if Gilmour gets a contract, I believe he’ll make a miraculous recovery, if you get my drift. Never seen a muscle tear linger into the following year, and Gilmour’s was only a partial.

  6. I think even Pats fan would agree…if Stephon Gilmore was healthy throughout the offseason,he wouldn’t be on the currrent Patriots roster right now.

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