Falcons signing quarterback Josh Rosen

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The Atlanta Falcons are signing former first-round quarterback Josh Rosen, a source has confirmed to PFT.

The Falcons are in need of additional help at quarterback following the loss of A.J. McCarron to a torn ACL on Saturday in a preseason game against the Miami Dolphins.

The hope in Atlanta, a source said, is that head coach Arthur Smith can deliver a similar career resurrection with Rosen that he was able to accomplish with Ryan Tannehill in Tennessee. While Smith’s work with Tannehill has helped push him in the upper echelon of quarterbacks in the NFL, Rosen is coming to Smith far less accomplished that Tannehill after his early seasons with the Dolphins.

Rosen will join Matt Ryan and Feleipe Franks at quarterback in Atlanta.

Rosen was waived by the San Francisco 49ers last week.

The 10th overall pick of the 2018 NFL Draft by the Arizona Cardinals, Rosen has spent time with the Dolphins, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and 49ers before landing in Atlanta.

15 responses to “Falcons signing quarterback Josh Rosen

  1. If you followed the careers of guys like Steve Young, Kurt Warner, Jim Plunkett, and Brett Favre, you know that HOF careers don’t always end in the city they began. Some of the greatest QB’s of all time were thrown on the trash pile at some point. These guys never gave up. Rosen has all the talent, just like these others did. He just needs an opportunity. I also remember the gloomy feeling Rans’ fans had when Trent Green went down, and they were forced to go with Warner. Wow. What a crushing feeling that was. Well, they ended up winning the super bowl that first year. Warner always had the talent, but he couldn’t get anyone to put him on the field so he could prove it.

  2. This isn’t Matt Ryan’s successor regardless of the head coaches ties to Ryan Tannehill. Tannehill is a solid QB no doubts there. He’s not the guy to carry an offense (see the MIA years). But he is capable of playing very well in a scheme with a good running game. Rosen is not a good fit for any scheme. He’s a big body with a slow release point. I would imagine him being in the 3 spot with possible relegation to the practice squad if a better option comes cheaper. He can run a scout offense, a pro offense on game day, not so much.

  3. Great spot for him. Dude needs to put his head down and dig deep into that playbook. This is probably his last chance

  4. Im a firm believer that youre never a complete failure at something till you finally give up for good…..please Rosen quit. Dude got a raw deal imvho …not only Arizona but also in miami. Hes also not been in the same system with the same scheme… players and coaches long enough to really be “coached up” and learn the entire system. Its a dang shame they ruined this fella. At this point though hes been in so many bad situations with different franchises and missed so much time being coached like hes THE GUY that i believe hes been put in a really tough spot career wise and i do not personally believe he will ever be able to recover.

  5. Can we please stop with the “Rosen has ALL the talent” myth, clearly he does not at the NFL level.

  6. There is always someone who thinks they can “fix ya” in pro sports.

    And no, Josh Rosen is no Steve Young and so on. He has shown to be more media hype than serviceable at this point.

  7. Who foresaw this kid becoming such an epic bust? When is the last time a kid this highly thought of flamed out so freaking spectacularly???

  8. Why is this guy still in the league? I said he was a bust coming out of college and you idiots had the Cardinals keeping him and passing on Murray. Rosen doesn’t have the heart for football. And always complaining about being #3. Dude, there are plenty of reasons why. How many homes has he had now?

  9. I said rosen was so much the better pick than allen. I have another chance to prove I was right.

  10. If both Bruce Arians and Kyle Shanahan can’t get Rosen’s head and heart into NFL football then who can? Arthur Smith?

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