Jason Peters insists he still has it, with nothing left to prove to anyone

Buffalo Bills v Chicago Bears
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Jason Peters has played 17 seasons. He is 39 years old.

Peters said he was fishing when Bears assistant coach Juan Castillo called. Castillo served as Peters’ line coach for two seasons in Philadelphia.

Peters signed last week after the Bears lost rookie left tackle Teven Jenkins, who underwent back surgery.

The question is: What does Peters have left? He played only eight games last season. He hasn’t made the Pro Bowl since 2016. The Eagles didn’t attempt to re-sign him. He was out fishing when the Bears called.

“I just tell them to come watch the game or practice and see if they can [tell] if I’m 39 out there,” Peters said of the doubters, via Mark Potash of the Chicago Sun Times. “I feel good. I’ve still got my quicks, my strength. It’s [a matter of] getting my legs up under me, because the guys started in April. They got a big head start on me. So I’m just trying to get my legs where their legs are right now, doing extra stuff, conditioning stuff and weight room right now.”

Castillo admits he doesn’t know how much Peters has left, but Peters was the team’s best option.

“That’s a good question,” Castillo said. “When I had him before, he was an elite athlete. When I looked at the [recent] tape, I thought he was a good athlete. He’s not an elite athlete. He’s a good athlete, which is still pretty good.

“We’ll bring back the technique stuff that we did when we were together. I just showed him all the cut-ups when we were together and he was playing pretty good. Played square. If we do that, I think he’s going to be pretty successful. Like he said, ‘Juan, I’ve done it before. I’ll get that technique back again.’”

Peters insists he doesn’t have “anything to prove” to anyone, and that isn’t his goal.

“I just want to win, get another ring to be honest,” Peters said. “I was talking to Juan [on Sunday] — the Pro Bowl, I’ve got plenty of those. The All-Pros, all the accolades. The biggest one for me now is the Super Bowl. I got one. I would like another one here with the Chicago Bears.”

8 responses to “Jason Peters insists he still has it, with nothing left to prove to anyone

  1. one of the underrated great trades of all-time. dude is goin fishin all the way to the hof.

  2. Although I don’t think he’ll be getting another SB, I do think he can be solid. I’m guessing the coaching staff isn’t expecting an All-Pro but I am guessing they are looking for someone to man the ship or at least provide some leadership at the position if they decide to platoon it. I’m guessing for him the contract was right with guarantees and such. Good player even with age, it’s just about being healthy and in shape at this point.

  3. JP is done. He had a HOF career and should be an inductee, possibly first ballot. But there ain’t any gas left in that tank.

  4. He spent a number of years as the best left tackle in football, even if he flew under the radar. So in terms of his body of work, he’s right in that there’s nothing to prove. If anything, Peters just needs to prove he can stay healthy through a whole season. When he’s in the game, he’s still solid.

  5. “Castillo admits he doesn’t know how much Peters has left, but Peters was the team’s best option.”

    More of an indictment of Ryan Pace than anything else…..

  6. He got 1/2 of that right… He has absolutely nothing to prove to anyone. But, he has zero left in the tank and certainly doesn’t “ still have it “. If he plays, even situationally, I’d be shocked if he’s healthy after 4 games.

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