Zac Taylor: Joe Burrow’s shown us enough to know he’ll be ready to play

Cincinnati Bengals v Washington Football Team
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Quarterback Joe Burrow hasn’t played in the Bengals’ first two preseason games and head coach Zac Taylor hasn’t revealed whether he will play against the Dolphins this week, but he made it clear on Monday that he doesn’t need to see Burrow play in August to know that he’ll be where he needs to be in September.

Taylor told reporters that Burrow’s work in practice after rehabbing his torn ACL has left him certain that the quarterback is ready to face the Vikings in the first week of the regular season. That doesn’t mean that Taylor has ruled Burrow or center Trey Hopkins, who is also returning from a torn ACL, out for this week.

“They’ve shown us enough to know that they’re going to be ready to play,” Taylor said, via Kelsey Conway of the Cincinnati Enquirer. “It’s just a matter of what do we want do? Do we want to put those guys out there in a preseason game or just give them more rest and get them ready for the Minnesota game? We’ll take a couple more days before we make that decision since we’ve got a week here before that game.”

If both men have indeed shown the Bengals enough, there would seem to be a good shot that the Bengals decide against exposing them to potential injury before the regular season.

4 responses to “Zac Taylor: Joe Burrow’s shown us enough to know he’ll be ready to play

  1. Joe needs to shake off the cobwebs this year. He cannot break the gate against Minnesota in week 1 like he did last year. He is coming off an injury with the hesitation that comes with it. Add in a newer OL and the league having seen his tapes. Give him some reps.

  2. Joe is a winner on a loser team who drafts a WR that they didn’t need while there OL
    is a sieve they could have has Sewell boy how that would have helped.
    Can’t wait till he can get to a team that has a GM that has a clue SADLY THAT’S 5 YEARS .

  3. This guy just isn’t head coach material. I think throwing Burrow out week one with no live game action is just stupid. This team is going to struggle again offensively. Can’t see them winning more than 6 games this year. Hopefully that will be enough to hang Taylor and his staff.

  4. Man if Joe starts week 1 I will pray for him. You see that Vikings DL? Bad week to bring someone back from an ACL injury with no live action before.

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