Jerry Jones: Getting vaccinated is about team accountability, common good

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Former Cowboys receiver Cole Beasley, now with the Bills, has become the face of the anti-vaxxers in the NFL. He has turned Cowboys owner Jerry Jones into the face of the pro-vaxxers in the NFL.

Who could have guessed?

On his weekly radio show Tuesday, Jones was asked about what he would say to players like Beasley who insist the NFL is trying to force them into getting vaccinated.

“I don’t really say anything here,” Jones said on 105.3 The Fan, via Mark Lane of WFAA, before saying a lot. “To me, this is a team game. We rely on each other to play. We rely on each other to win. We have to have each other. There’s 11 guys out there at any one time to be trite about it. You have to count on the other guy being available, and you certainly don’t want to be doing anything that causes your teammates to not be available. All of that comes to the same conclusion as far as what you agreed to be as far as a player, be part of a team. You check ‘I’ at the door, so to speak. All of those has an answer.

“Everyone has a right to make their own decisions regarding their health and their body. I believe in that completely until your decisions as to yourself impacts negatively many others. Then, the common good takes over. And I’m arm-waving here, but that has everything to do with the way I look at our team, the Cowboys, or the way I look at our society. We have got to check ‘I’ at the door and go forward with ‘we.’ Your Dallas Cowboys are doing that.”

The Cowboys announced Saturday that their player vaccination rate is 93 percent. They have four players and defensive coordinator Dan Quinn in COVID-19 protocol, but Quinn, Carlos Watkins and CeeDee Lamb, all of whom tested positive, are fully vaccinated, Calvin Watkins of the Dallas Morning News reports.

Jones, 78, is in the vulnerable population, and with a stadium that averaged more than 90,000 fans in 2019, he has money riding on his team playing in front of a full house. So his stance surely is about both safety and money.

The Cowboys led the NFL in attendance again last season but averaged only 28,187 per game because of COVID-19 protocols.

“Every team, of course, will conform to what the local or state protocols are, and whatever they are they are,” Jones said. “In general, what’s different this year is the vaccine, and the vaccine has removed any realistic concern about the teams competing or the teams competing before a full house of football fans. So, that’s the difference. Last year was certainly a lot more than practice, but last year was an exercise that all the teams went through; the league went through. It was very successful. Your Cowboys, in terms of attendance, were the most successful of all. We’ll remember and use what we learned last year, and we will obviously use that in the fact we have this vaccine available.”

37 responses to “Jerry Jones: Getting vaccinated is about team accountability, common good

  1. Jerry Jones is a businessman, and he speaks for every business in America. So many businesses shutting down because we refuse to beat this pandemic. It’s definitely a winnable battle, but some Americans have chosen to follow down a losing path.

  2. I thinks Jerry has about 6.5 billion reasons to answer this way, I bet he is regretting that 160 million dollar gamble right now.

  3. Speaking of common good, if you would’ve believed in that, Jimmy Johnson would’ve remained on staff and he would’ve won you a few more Super Bowls. But with that decision you ruined any team accountability you had left.

  4. He’s right on this one. God bless Jerry Jones. Give him the strength to carry on running the Dallas Cowboys for 20 more years at least.

  5. Because not only is Jerruh the Cowboy’s owner, GM, and team physician, Jerruh has also spent a lifetime advocatin’ for the public good.

  6. Very true! Also very rich coming from this guy, mr petroleum. The common good in his mind is what’s good for him. Very common with his type, good to see they are starting to realize the common good effects their bottom line..

  7. Love him or hate him – Jerrah is a good businessman. His team hasn’t won a championship in forever, but it’s still the most valuable franchise, and you have to give the man credit for knowing which way the wind blows and how to profit from it. I’m not a long suffering Cowboys fan though, and I understand the vitriol because Jerrah the GM is not nearly as successful as Jerrah the owner.

  8. As a diehard Bills fan and Cowboys hater, it pains me to side with Jerruh on this and against some of these selfish and/or ignorant morons on my home team. OMG that was painful to type…

  9. I don’t always agree with Jerry, but in this case he’s 100% correct. Team. No “I”.

  10. Jerry Jones is actually making sense. Add that to the list of things we never thought we would see.

  11. He’s rich and rarely right but this time Jerry Jones hit the nail squarely on the head.

  12. “Everyone has a right to make their own decisions regarding their health and their body. I believe in that completely until your decisions as to yourself impacts negatively many others. Then, the common good takes over”.

    I can honestly say that I have not agreed with Jerry Jones about much of anything. Until today.

  13. Elephants fly…can’t believe I am in 100% agreement with Jerry Jones. My prediction, an ant-vaxx guy, is going to cost his team a game this year.

  14. Hear! Hear! Well said, Jerry. The common good is what is being disregarded in all of this “my body, my choice” nonsense. When one refuses the vaccine, they are likely to make isx other people sick if contracting the delta variant. Our hopsitals are overrun, our health care workers exhausted and emotionally spent. The Pfizer vaccine is fully approved. No more excuses. Take the damned shot.

  15. I didn’t have Jerry Jones sounding entirely logical and reasonable on my pandemic bingo card.
    The years keep getting weirder and weirder…

  16. Everyone’s stance should be about this: Safety for all people and to get the economy rolling so that those who are financially impacted by the pandemic’s effects on the economy can pick themselves up. Unfortunately there are a lot of ignorant folks that rely on their political beliefs or their mythological beliefs to ignore the science. The irony for most of them is that they went to public school, so they have already been required to get the DTap vaccine for diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis; the IPV vaccine for Polio; the Varicella vax for Chickenpox; MMR for Measles, Mumps & Rubella; and in most states the HepB vaccine.

  17. Years ago Jerry rushed to a meeting wearing one shoe. Someone ask, “Lose a shoe Mr Jones.” “No but I found one one he replied.”

  18. Cut Beasley – Jerry is correct ( and dont agree with him much) but the same as KC in Minnie – leadership is about leading and is about what is good for the team -and putting some personal things on the side. The science is refutable – vaccines saves lives and are a big step towards ending the pandemic. If you want to be on the team you need to put team first and get the shot. Impossible to do both ( right now in todays climate).

  19. KCFinfan says:
    August 25, 2021 at 10:04 am
    Laughing at all of you who thing this is about the jab and not about money.

    Laugh all you want.

    He’s going to make the money anyway and we all know that. He didn’t have to make the statement he made, but he did it. That’s what’s important here.

  20. Lucky for Jerry he does business in a state that outlaws companies from asking for the vaccine status of customers otherwise we could really see if he was willing to put his money where his mouth is.

  21. There’s no “I” in team Jerry, but unfortunately there is one in “Vaccine”….

  22. Any would-be starter who needs to sit out a game during the season because he isn’t vaccinated will need to answer to a lot of upset people — teammates, management, and fans. It’s simply Stubborn Stupity at this point to not be vaccinated. Get the vaccine and let’s put this whole business behind us.

  23. We all know that Jerry doesn’t care about Covid or the vaccine, otherwise, he would have attendance based on vaccination cards. However, he is not doing that. He just knows he is losing revenue due to people not getting vaccinated.

  24. Jones is 100 % right about the players but he needs to have fans show proof of a vaccine passports to enter are the fans safety not as important Jerry ?

  25. I would not enter any stadium in any sport for what to get infected with Covid no thanks
    they are not safe while the tv is .

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