Matt Nagy seems to possibly leave the door slightly open for Justin Fields

Buffalo Bills v Chicago Bears
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Bears coach Matt Nagy has said that quarterback Andy Dalton will start the regular-season opener against the Bears. On Monday, however, Nagy said something that caught the ear of Chris Simms.

So Simms mentioned it to me. So I found the video. And it’s at least worth asking what it means.

Here’s what Nagy said regarding Andy Dalton: “We like what he’s doing right now with the ones in practice, and I think that’s what probably makes us feel good. But we also like where Justin [Fields] is at and seeing him grow. And so that’s what we’ve got to kind of talk through these next couple weeks.”

If Dalton is definitely the starter, what’s there to talk through? Could it be that the door is open for Fields to change Nagy’s mind? Or does Nagy intend to have a package of plays for Fields in Week One and beyond?

Regardless, it’s an intriguing comment, one that came at the end of a long answer from Nagy about Dalton. And it shows that, even though the Bears want to see what Dalton can do in the regular season, they still seem to be paying close attention to where Fields is and what he may be able to do.

18 responses to “Matt Nagy seems to possibly leave the door slightly open for Justin Fields

  1. IMHO, Dalton starts Week 1, and starts until he has a bad outing. Fields starts the week following that bad outing.

  2. Its a nice smokescreen without admitting that Fields is the starter but they don’t want him out there week 1 against the Rams. They’re pretty much putting Dalton out for slaughter week 1.

  3. Hopefully that bad outing doesn’t come in the first series of the first quarter of the first game.

  4. Don’t wait too long Like they did last year in SD with Herbert. Nagy may not be around next year if he watches Dalton play 8-9 games to start the year

  5. It all goes back to them promising Dalton he would be the starter when they were trying to sign him. They will let him start the first game and he will be on a short leash.

  6. He’ll be there 12years waiting a few games into the season to get his feet wet would be the wise move but some are hellbent on making the dumb move.

  7. Its all fun and games until Dalton goes on a string a wins and the offense is putting up 30+ points. What will be the excuse to start Fields over Dalton then? I don’t know but I bet the media will continue to try and make things up in order to justify benching Dalton. They aren’t even trying to hide their bias.

  8. It’s so hard for my Bears to avoid unforced errors and to do the obvious things. So hard. There was no reason to promise Dalton anything. There’s no good reason to not start Fields. He is clearly going to be better, even with some rookie mistakes. A bad O-line is a plus for Fields, not a minus, compared to Dalton. The Bears are just wasting time and wins. Pace and Nagy need to go.

  9. Pretty obvious Nagy is talking about the allotment of reps with the #1s. Simms once again making a story about absolutely nothing.

  10. I can’t remember a season when practice and PRE-SEASON became so relevant. Fields hasn’t even learned how to slide yet. Dude’s gonna have one short career if they just throw him out there cause he can run.
    I’m not a fan of the direction the NFL is going at qb. These guys rarely play an entire college career anymore s it’s easier and quicker to just have a running qb in the NCAA. He won’t be there long, so why polish him up, then they go to the NFL and do the same because they can get on the field faster by simplifying the playbook and using their running skills rather then passing. I get it and understand it but don’t find it as exciting to watch. Throw first, run second(if u can) is much more enjoyable to watch imho.

  11. Fields must be sick knowing his next four years will be wasted in Chicago after seeing Trubisky tear it up with competent coaches.

  12. So, highly drafted quarterback, check.
    Shaky offensive line, check.
    Unimpressive group of offensive talent, check.
    Coach that doesn’t have much of a track of success, check.
    So basically the Bears are this year’s version of the Bengals, looking to damage a young prospect’s career by putting him in a terrible situation, while only hoping for the best rather than giving him the best chance to succeed.
    With any luck, Fields will come out of the season without requiring major surgery, but again, with luck…

  13. Yes, it seems quite possible that if he does start, then “Andy Dalton will start the regular-season opener against the Bears.”

  14. Title should be corrected “Andy Dalton to be sacrificed week 1 in order to save rookie QB”

  15. Troy Aikman started his rookie season. The Cowboys were awful. But he improved dramatically after that. Fields should be the starter. Whatever deal they made with Dalton was written in pie crust.

  16. Why does Nagy think the Bear world will benefit from more QB comments that really don’t say much. Perhaps few words about the running game or lack thereof would be more in order

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