No chance NFL will make vaccines mandatory after FDA approval

Vaccination in Izmir continues
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For plenty of employers, the arrival of FDA approval for the Pfizer vaccine has opened the door to mandatory vaccination requirements. Not for the NFL.

A source with knowledge of the dynamics between the league and the NFL Players Association was asked whether FDA approval would do anything to spark a late pivot to mandatory vaccinations.

“No at all,” the source said.

So that’s that. The league and the union already have agreed that vaccines will not be required for players. Any player who gets vaccinated will do voluntary. Some will realize, if they haven’t already, the benefits of being vaccinated. Others will hold firm. Some of them may get cut within the next week.

With most players vaccinated (especially at the bottom of rosters), it’s likely that the coming reduction from 80 to 53 per team will cause vaccination rates to decrease. Most of the vaccinated players know that their choice won’t affect their roster status — even though it obviously could affect their availability for any an every given game.

16 responses to “No chance NFL will make vaccines mandatory after FDA approval

  1. That’s because they can’t. The NFL makes money off of the players. Imagine how much money the NFL would lose if it had a lockout? It’s a money machine and it won’t alienate the people who actually bring in the bacon. The argument would be “just release them all!”. Then it would be a product no one would be willing to pay to see unless you get free beer. This is why private sectors of employment are fighting the same thing. You lose a skilled work force be mandating things. That’s why drug testing in my state (WA) has been flexible on marijuana testing. Regardless of thinking everyone who uses is worthless, you lose a big pool of qualified workers. This is why we’re taught as youngsters to wash your hands and sneeze into your sleeve. To prevent the spread. It’s nothing new. It’s going to be a few years before people realize this virus is here to stay and taking a vaccine isn’t going to stop it. Protect your elderly and immunocompromised by masking or getting the shot. It’s your choice, no one elses.

  2. The teams can cut whoever they want, for whatever reason they want. A football season is worth a lot of money to the owners and everyone involved. These billionaires aren’t stupid. They’ll be very smart about reducing financial risk.

  3. This is a good thing.. A VERY VERY good thing, as we are seeing more and more data start to come in..

  4. If they are gonna test the unvaccinated, they better do the same to the vaccinated as well…

  5. I hope most of the player holdouts get cut.

    If you want the freedom to not get vaccinated, then you have to allow people, businesses and organizations the same freedom to not associate or do business with you.

  6. By mandating vaccination, is an employer then going to be liable if someone has an adverse reaction to the vaccine? I would imagine the NFL is already reeling from the concussion lawsuit thing and perhaps is maintaining a risk-averse strategy on this issue.

  7. There are teams already at 100% vaccinated and even the straggler teams are above the national average. No point making something mandatory that everybody already has done.

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