Broncos name Teddy Bridgewater starting quarterback

Denver Broncos v Seattle Seahawks
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The quarterback competition is over in Denver.

The Broncos have announced that Teddy Bridgewater will start the season as Denver’s QB1, winning the job over incumbent starter Drew Lock. The franchise tweeted out the news on Wednesday morning.

Denver sent a 2021 sixth-round pick to Carolina in exchange for Bridgewater back in April. The trade was designed to have the QB compete with Lock. While both players displayed some flashes, head coach Vic Fangio has elected to go with the more experienced option.

Bridgewater was a full-time starter last year for the first time since suffering a career-threatening knee injury just before the start of the 2016 season. Bridgewater completed 69.1 percent of his passes last season for 3,733 yards with 15 touchdowns and 11 interceptions with Carolina. He averaged a career-high 7.6 yards per attempt and compiled a 92.1 passer rating.

In 2019, Bridgewater started five games in place of an injured Drew Brees in New Orleans, leading the Saints to a 5-0 record. He threw for 1,384 yards with nine touchdowns and two interceptions that season.

Bridgewater will now become the fifth different Week One starting quarterback in the five years since the Broncos won Super Bowl 50.

52 responses to “Broncos name Teddy Bridgewater starting quarterback

  1. So Drew Lock has turned out to be another Elway’s draft bust at QB? How can a HOF QB have such a poor record in evaluating QBs? Just fire Elway.

  2. Good call. Lock has the arm….Teddy has everything else. Denver can win with that running game and defense if their QB doesnt turn it over and manages the game.

  3. We’re hosed. Lock should be the starter. If we go 0-3 then Fangio needs to be canned

  4. Bridgewater is the better QB on the roster, but that’s not saying much. Lock is terrible on his best day.

  5. Good for Teddy, dude has had a roller coaster career but he’s a fighter. Hope he stays healthy and has a good year.

  6. It’s amazing that Teddy is even playing, not to mention starting, in the NFL after completely blowing out his knee to the point that the doctors were considering amputating it. What a mentally and physically tough dude.

  7. Lock destroyed his career the moment he pulled out those truly bad dance moves.

  8. Typical Denver, Bridgewater will last 5 games then he will be replaced. And by then the season will be over. Outstanding

  9. I’ve had many disappointed times as a Broncos fan over the last 35 years,this is definitely one of those times

  10. I guess with Teddy’s 0.8 TD per game average that Fangio is depending a lot on his defense!

  11. This supposed ceiling of Lock is directly contrasted with his floor, which he has proven to be signify lower than Bridgewater’s. I think that is what this move is about.

  12. Probably the right call, but Denver isn’t winning anything with either of these guys

  13. Good for Teddy. Football hacks wrote Teddy off after a year on a terrible Panther’s team with an idiot head coach.

    Teddy is a solid NFL starting QB and the Broncos will be a tough out this year with him leading the offense. Write it down in ink.

  14. 15 TDs for Bridgewater last season is also a career high. Let that sink in.


    and he still beat out Lock … Lock’s future is not looking so bright

  15. Teddy had DJ Moore and Robby Anderson last year and couldn’t do much with it other than throw a bunch of 5 and 6 yard completions. Will be more of the same at Mile High.

  16. Well, Teddy’s only 28, so he still can be the long-term answer.

    Only if the question is ‘who should we sign to be our backup QB?’

  17. Lock isn’t awful he’s just not a lock as a starter! A change of coaching/system might help.

  18. Good chance they end up with same amount of starts when it’s all over and they are 7-10.

  19. I don’t understand, Lock had his moments and could be the franchise if he continues to improve. You are going to bench him for the backup QB that will be out because of injury or poor play by week 4???

  20. The right guy for the job, Lock throws off of his back foot constantly and cannot read but 1/2 of the field, watching Teddy climb up in the pocket when feeling pressure this past weekend was the defining moment for this Broncos Fan. Congratulations Teddy!!

  21. Donkos done. They should have dealt Miller for picks during their continued rebuild.

  22. It’s the right move, but it says more about Lock than Bridgewater. Lock has been given plenty of time to seize the job and he hasn’t been able to.

  23. I may be biased but it seems Teddy was spectacular with the Saints but before and after decidedly average.
    Gee–think it has something to do with the coaching?

  24. Don’t get the hate for Bridgewater. Dude’s far better then Lock. Add that the poster that was calling Carolina’s wr’s above average must be on something? Denver has some legit offensive talent and Bridgewater is at least a throw first run second qb.

  25. Cousins for Teddy, straight up.
    Oh. Come on!
    Captain Plexiglass puts up good numbers in the 4th quarter, ya know…

  26. In the 2017 drsft you decided to stay put. And drafted Garret Bolles. The Chiefs moved up 18 slots and drafted Mahommes. So your can blame your front office for the QB state you’re in. Although I think Bridgewater is the better QB between your two

  27. Teddy is a class act. A solid QB. I would love to see him bust out and play like he did at Louisville. He has what it takes to get the Broncos to the playoffs.

  28. Teddy is just good enough to be Ehhh.

    Lock is just downright aweful.

    Either way, this is good news for the rest of the AFC West.

  29. And you would think after failing the last four years without a bona fide starting QB, they would have done something different.

    And yet they’ll expect a different outcome than the last 4 years. Talk about pounding your head against a brick wall.

  30. Pretty shocked. Seems that they were pretty even in the preseason. Thought that would mean go with Lock, being the younger prospect. Guess this means Lock is done in Denver otherwise why not give him a chance?

  31. Nobody’s going to admit this, but there are teams that would feel very good about knowing they have a .500 QB. Or at least something close to .500. When you’ve been so bad for so long, mediocre becomes a goal.

  32. Not shocked at all. Fangio needs to make the playoffs or he will be unemployed. Lock might prove to be better…. at some point. But is prone to make more bad decisions than Teddy. I think Fangio picked based on what gave him the best chance at being employed next year.

  33. Drew Lock has been getting beaten up too much, end of story. Really terrible watching him running for his life. Tough kid for sure

  34. If you weren’t going to go with Lock then why did we not draft a QB. Literally giving up on a QB who has played 1 season. This may be the first time that I wishing for an injury to a player on my own team

  35. Hey Denver, THANK YOU for passing on Mac Jones…. Seriously, THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH!!!

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