Jimmy Garoppolo has a “pretty good idea” as to the 49ers’ starting quarterback, too

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On Wednesday, 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan said he had a “pretty good idea” as to the identity of the team’s starting quarterback in Week One. One of the finalists for the job has the same feeling.

“Yeah, I have a pretty good idea,” Jimmy Garoppolo told reporters. “It’s whatever [Shanahan] decides, yeah. I have a pretty good idea. I’m pretty happy with where I’m at right now and everything and just the offense as a whole. Yeah, Kyle’s the head man. He’ll make the call.”

Later in the session, when discussing a recent conversation that Garoppolo had with Drew Brees after practice, Garoppolo pivoted on his own to discussing the fact that the Saints periodically used Taysom Hill at quarterback in recent years.

“We talked about the situation for a little bit and how him and Taysom did it,” Garoppolo said. “And it’s a thing that I wasn’t really used to, I guess you could say. Just the in and out part of it. So, I was trying to pick his brain, how he handled that. He’d come out for a play or two and then go back in, how that all works.”

So what advice did Brees give Garoppolo about being removed from time to time for another quarterback?

“I’ll keep that between me and him, but just kind of a stay ready type of thing,” Garoppolo said. “Yeah, it’s a different type of flow to the game. As a quarterback you’re used to being out there the whole time. And so, it’s just something that you’ve just got to get reps at and get used to it. . . . It’s happened a little bit in training camp just with some of the different types of things we’re doing with Trey [Lance]. But yeah, whenever I’m out there, I’ll be ready to roll. It’s just one of those things, it is what it is.”

It’s fair to interpret Garoppolo’s comments as indicating that he’ll be the starter, but that he’ll exit from time to time for Lance. The difference between the Saints and the 49ers, of course, is that if Lance does well with his reps, he’ll likely get more. Eventually, he’ll get them all — years before Garoppolo otherwise would be ready to retire.

20 responses to “Jimmy Garoppolo has a “pretty good idea” as to the 49ers’ starting quarterback, too

  1. It’ll be Cam Newton – JimmyG will be starter for the Cowboys. Hey, it’s one of those years.

  2. The other difference being Brees was/is light years ahead of Jimmy G in skill level. This coming from a diehard, lifetime Niner fan.

  3. Jimmy G is killing it. He’s an overhyped, overpaid, future clipboard holder as a quality backup for the next decade or so. Other than being a voice over actor who can wear pajamas all day and get paid to read a script, backup QB is the greatest job ever.

  4. Yeah. old Gimme Garsloppolo knows the deal: maybe he can land one more big contract elsewhere before the slide to obscurity.

  5. Brees was 39 before Hill completed a pass for the Saints. Garoppolo isn’t even 30 yet. When you have two QBs, you have no QB.

  6. Comparing the QB situation with the Saints is apples and–well, name something else.

  7. Why does one QB have to go? The biggest issue with this team has been the complete lack of QB depth. Now they have it.

  8. Jim Garrapolo will start all games this year, and likely play great. Giving up two ones for Lance was just dumb. He was the fourth best quarterback in the draft. I’m sure the Niners regret that trade.

  9. Yea, and the rest of us have a pretty good idea about who will be getting 100% of the snaps by the end of the season.

  10. Kyle Shanahan has been out smarting himself since they made the trade with not announcing who the pick would be when it made no difference to the draft. Now this is not an advantage it is a sideshow. Even splitting time at practice with the starters. If a team has 2 QB’s it does not have a QB. Old saying that still rings true.

  11. Just for the simple fact that Garoppolo gets hurt so frequently, it seems like only a matter of time until Lance takes over the #1 job.

  12. Before Kaepernick earned the QB1 spot Harbaugh would use him sparingly in situations like 2 minute offenses where he could use his strong throwing arm or speed by running for about 30-40 yards against a loose prevent or 2 minute drill defense. Then when Alex got a concussion Kap was ready to step right in and not be overwhelmed by the moment. Sounds like a good plan for Trey..

  13. I’m not good with sayings but the niners are in the ‘catbird seat’ with Jimmy. How much value they get for him down the road will be determined but someone is going to be in trouble this year with injuries and he is just sitting there as trade bait.
    Good position to be in for sure.

  14. Agree with theoriginalsurferbob

    Jimmy plays 17 games plus playoffs. (Barring injury of course)

  15. A lot of eyes are going to be opened this season. Get used to holding that clipboard Trey. We are going to see Jimmy G vs Jalen Hurts in the NFC championship game.

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