John Johnson: Browns have a “vindictive vibe” facing the Chiefs in Week One

Cleveland Browns Training Camp
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Safety John Johnson III wasn’t with the Browns last year when they lost to the Chiefs in the Divisional Round of the AFC playoffs. He was in Green Bay that weekend, playing his last game with the Rams before departing the franchise that drafted him in free agency.

But Johnson has been around Cleveland long enough to get a sense of how his new team views going back to Kansas City for Week One of the 2021 season.

“That’s the last one from last year, it’s going to be the first one from this year so there’s definitely a little — it’s a vindictive vibe, you know,” Johnson said on Tuesday, via Daryl Ruiter of 92.3 The Fan. “We definitely want to get back at those guys but, you know, I always want to win the opener regardless of who it is so that’s what we got to go out there and do.”

Johnson noted he’d reviewed the film of that playoff loss to Kansas City and came to the conclusion that the Browns “weren’t far off” — including the fourth-and-1 pass from Chad Henne to Tyreek Hill that sealed the game late in the fourth quarter.

“That wasn’t an unstoppable play,” Johnson said. “I think that type of play you just got to see it coming, you know, when Tyreek goes in motion and he’s in the position where he can beat you to the flat, especially that down and distance, I think that’s just something you got to like alert the whole defense before it happens.”

Johnson’s done that type of thing before, having served as Los Angeles’ defensive signal-caller. As a talented young safety, Johnson should be a key piece to taking Cleveland’s defense to the next level.

14 responses to “John Johnson: Browns have a “vindictive vibe” facing the Chiefs in Week One

  1. As great a job Stefanski has done, I’d still feel better if he let Alex Van Pelt call plays.

  2. Wishful thinking John Johnson on your part. I’ll take Andy Reids week 1 home record of 4-1 in K.C.

  3. A lot of chirping from the Browns this offseason. They are just making it harder on themselves for when the games count. Beat them. Then you can talk the smack. Until them, it only encourages the other team to beat your butt harder…..

  4. KC will not make it back to the the SB in 2021
    Tampa took the shine off that offense for everyone else to see.
    Mahomes is going to get killed this year….. He will be hunted big time

  5. Belichicks defense is loaded with playmakers………they will hunt Mahomes come playoff time…………

  6. Kevin Stefanski is the only HC in the NFL that doesn’t realize how good Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt are. Instead this Ivy League genius thinks Mayfield is the answer. Newsflash the Browns win in spite of having a mediocre QB not because of him

  7. Browns fans forget the best player in the NFL did not play the 2nd half of game. Chiefs were in complete control of game before his injury…

  8. this is my favorite part of the season..where every team and player gets to pretend they are the shizzit…
    its already been shown that if you knock mahomes out off the game, chiefs win… if you dont… chiefs win…
    worry less about opening day and more about getting to the playoffs….

  9. Chiefs schedule is tough as it was last year with 5 critical games to start the season. While the opener is important. So is the next. That play off game wasnt at all close until Mahommes got hurt. So you need to look at more than just that one play from Henne.

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