Kliff Kingsbury: Kyler Murray doesn’t need to play this weekend, but no decision yet

Kansas City Chiefs v Arizona Cardinals
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Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray was not happy with the way the first-team offense played against the Chiefs last weekend.

The Cardinals went three-and-out three times while Murray was in the game and the quarterback finished 1-of-4 for two yards through the air. That’s not the kind of crisp performance that anyone in Arizona wants to see come the regular season, but seeing Murray and company do better in the preseason isn’t an imperative for head coach Kliff Kingsbury.

Kingsbury said on Tuesday that Murray does not “need” to play against the Saints after failing to catch fire against Kansas City.

“It wasn’t what we expect and we weren’t as sharp as we’d like to be, but we know what we are capable of and the offense understands the expectations,” Kingsbury said, via the team’s website.

Murray has expressed his distaste for preseason football this summer, so he’ll likely be fine with sitting out despite the bad taste of the last game. Whatever the Cardinals choose, they’ll have to find better footing for Week One if they’re going to get the season off on the right track.

5 responses to “Kliff Kingsbury: Kyler Murray doesn’t need to play this weekend, but no decision yet

  1. This team is going nowhere with Murray and Kingbury.
    Murray is not built for the NFL. He should go play baseball. The fact that he has “distaste” for the preseason pretty much tells you his story.

  2. Kingsbury might not be the right coach, or Murray the right QB. Maybe both aren’t right. Kingsbury would likely be the first to go though. Either way the NFC West is currently not a good division to be in if you are a mediocre team like the Cardinals. Very unforgiving.

  3. Arizona should just sit Kyler Murray. Why take the risk? So he can play 5-10 meaningless snaps? Murray gets a lot more out of camp practices. AZ should sit all of their starters for this last game not risking anyone they’re going to rely on when the games start counting. Its too close to the regular season starting, this seems to be the time of years news breaks about horrifying injuries happening to starters. Put these guys in bubble wrap under lock and key until the season kicks off.

  4. “ Murray doesn’t need to play this weekend, but no decision yet.”

    Someone please inform Kingsbury that indecision is often the worst option

    “If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice” — Rush

  5. Look at all the armchair professional Qbs ??

    All based on the assumption that Murray doesn’t want.to play because he dislikes preseason games ???

    I guarantee you… a HUGE amount of players DONT want to play in pre season games.

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