Unvaccinated players cut next week will be at a major disadvantage in the chase for jobs elsewhere

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In six days, all rosters will drop from 80 to 53. That’s 27 players per team. Applied to 32 teams, it’s 864 players who will be looking for their next opportunity.

Those who aren’t vaccinated will be at a distinct disadvantage.

The 2021 protocols require players who move from one team to another to wait for five days before joining a new team, even if they’ve been tested every day with another team. This will make those players far less attractive than vaccinated players who will be able to jump from one team to another automatically.

It’s unclear how many unvaccinated players will be released in the next week. Presumably, those who know they’re competing for the spots at the bottom of the 53-man roster have gotten vaccinated, in order to enhance their chances. Any unvaccinated players who are cut will nevertheless have to wait five days before joining a new team.

No matter how valuable that player may be, it will delay his ability to potentially contribute to the roster as of Week One. That will surely be enough to make teams consider vaccinated alternatives.