With Cam Newton out, Mac Jones is seizing his opportunity

New England Patriots v Philadelphia Eagles
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Simms and I had agreed a week or so ago that, one, Cam Newton will be the New England starter and, two, he’ll hold the job until he gives Mac Jones an opening to steal the job. We never expected the opening to come so soon.

Newton’s bungling of the rules for unvaccinated players has given Jones a chance to step into the fray for joint practices with the Giants. Via Jeff Howe of TheAthletic.com, Jones had completed 21 of 23 passes against the starting New York defense, with 14 straight completions. He eventually ran the streak to 18, before an incompletion came after the ball was tipped at the line of scrimmage.

Coach Bill Belichick said Monday morning — likely with full knowledge that he wouldn’t have Newton until Thursday — that Newton starts until someone else plays better. Jones appears to be playing as well as anyone could.

There’s another important dynamic to consider, especially with Tom Brady coming back to town in little more than a month. Unless Newton gets vaccinated (and he should), he can instantly become unavailable at any given moment. In theory, he could test positive or have a close contact with an infected person on the day of the game against the Buccaneers, immediately rendering him unavailable to play and forcing the Pats to rip up the game plan based on Newton and pivot to something new.

They had to do it last year against the Chiefs. They won’t want to do it again. That fact alone should be enough to get coach Bill Belichick to choose the rookie, even if Newton gets vaccinated today.

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  1. “Newton’s bungling of the rules for unvaccinated players . . . ”

    Best and most entertaining sentence I’ve read today.

  2. Didn’t the NFL issue some edict a while back about forfeits, if an unvaccinated player causes a game to be cancelled or something like that? So CAM could also create additional risks for the team?


  3. Anyway you look at it, Newton is either naive or dumb. Quite possibly both.

    BILLION DOLLAR BUSINESS, LAST CHANCE TO START. Good grief. Mind boggling. Maybe he wants that last year’s check for doing nothing. Who knows…

  4. studlysmartguy says:
    August 25, 2021 at 12:16 pm
    Does anyone know if Mac Jones is vaccinated?

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    He is. He does not wear a mask when not playing. Hopefully BB cuts the non-vaxxed, as it is a poor judgement decisions by creepy and easily duped people which the Pats should have no time for.

  5. Shanahan and Lynch will regret passing on Jones in the NFL draft like they did free agent Brady last year. Other QBs in the draft may have higher ceilings but Mac was the most pro ready QB.

  6. studlysmartguy says:
    August 25, 2021 at 12:16 pm
    Does anyone know if Mac Jones is vaccinated?


    if I remember correctly (which can be a challenge at times) Mac was asked that question early in camp. he didn’t answer the question directly, however I thought it was noted that he was not wearing a mask on the sideline when it was required for unvaccinated players.

  7. Yes. Hope this is the deciding factor. Cam loses the job, because he is unvaccinated. Excellent!

  8. Mac Jones is currently +1200 for NFL OROY. If he is the game 1 starter, that’s a solid bet.

  9. Oh come one. This is nothing more than a hiccup. Newton starts the season under center. Period. Hell, his body will get some more rest!

  10. Newton’s bungling of the rules for unvaccinated players has given Jones a chance to step into the fray

    Newton was excused from practice which means the team approved the trip. At MINIMUM, the Pats also bungled here. I think Belichik knows that and does not agree losing your job to team incompetence is valid.

  11. Does Cam know that this year is his last chance to prove he is still a starting QB? And he might have just given that chance away, because he didnt want to take a vaccine shot?

  12. It is amazing to witness how bad NE is now. With Brady they got all the calls and he and Belichick overcame the lack of talent. Now the cupboard is bare and they won’t get more than seven wins.

  13. I thought there was no way BB started a rookie over a veteran. Unless the rookie blew him out of the water. Now I think MJones starts Sunday and it may be HIS job to lose.

  14. I have a feeling we will be seeing a lot of Cam at the end of the bench, sulking with the towel over his head, this year……

  15. An unvaccinated starting NFL QB is like an unstable stick of dynamite just waiting to blow up his team’s season. Signed, a Vikings fan ready to duck for cover.

  16. Newton has bungled his vaccine approach but the Pats and Belichick bungled this situation. They gave Newton permission to go.

  17. Mac Jones has been the better QB for the Pats this preseason anyway. He looks the part and it can’t hurt to get him into game action early is his career. Why wait?

  18. For those of us who can’t bear another year of Cam Newton at QB, this is possibly a blessing in disguise. Start Mac Jones. He seems to have a better head on his shoulders than Cam.

  19. “ariani1985 says:
    August 25, 2021 at 12:48 pm
    When does the stidham decade of dominance begin then?”

    When they trade him to the Jets for a 1st round pick!!

  20. This is a guy that won’t even try to pick up his fumble in the Super Bowl. Million dollar smile 10 cent brain.

  21. I think BB bungled this by design to give Mac an opening and push aside the unvaxed Cam without being the bad guy or having nflpa coming after him. I thing is for sure, he knew Newton was going to get a Covid timeout when he got back

  22. I’m a firm believer in Mac Jones I live in Alabama and my boyfriend and I never miss a game I quarantee you won’t even want the Scam Cam back out there ever again. I hope that you can come back and applaud me.

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