Joe Brady: I have something with Sam Darnold

Carolina Panthers Training Camp
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The Panthers traded for Sam Darnold this offseason with the hope that the quarterback will take their offense to higher levels than it reached with Teddy Bridgewater in 2020.

We’re a couple of weeks away from seeing the total package, but offensive coordinator Joe Brady is confident that the team made the right call. Darnold’s three seasons with the Jets were plagued by inconsistency, but Brady said he is “making the routine plays routinely” in Carolina and that the 2018 first-round pick has found his groove in the offense.

“I have something with him. I’m confident in Sam. I feel like he has a great grasp of the offense right now,” Brady said, via Anthony Rizzuti of

Darnold got some work in the last preseason game and he’ll play again this week, but Week One against the Jets and beyond will be the defining moments for the Panthers’ belief that they have the right quarterback for Brady’s offense.

8 responses to “Joe Brady: I have something with Sam Darnold

  1. I wish the best for Robert Saleh. I hope he turns the Jets around. At least make the Jets defense look good. I’m not a fan of Wilson or Darnold, but everyone has an opinion.

  2. All the coaches are over their heads. Man,the saints plays and the greatest season a qb ever had to this job. He is not ready to reclaim trash heap qbs yet.

  3. I don’t have an IOTA of trust in either of the College Coaches in charge of the Panthers currently, they don’t seem to understand the intricacies of the Pro game at all. Jacksonville and Carolina will regret their coaching choices (College guys), mark my words and both teams will be looking for other avenues in 2023.

  4. I don’t ever recall 18 days before the season hearing a OC saying QB1 sucks and the team should go out trade for a new QB.

  5. Darnold will be trash without McCaffrey, just like Teddy was. They have little talent across the board.

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