Mac Jones: It was harder to get into a “really good flow” on Thursday

New England Patriots Training Camp
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Patriots quarterback Mac Jones got extra reps during Wednesday’s joint practice with the Giants because Cam Newton was out of practice due to COVID-19 protocols and he made the most of them.

Word from media members watching practice and Patriots players was that Jones had a very good day of work. On Thursday, Jones said that the Giants adjusted what they were doing defensively and made it more difficult to find the same groove.

“Yesterday I got a lot of reps and it was great. We communicated and I felt like we were in a really good flow. I kind of got into a game flow. Today, it was a little bit harder to just get into that. . . . They made some good adjustments with their safeties,” Jones said, via Mike Reiss of

Newton’s return to practice Thursday also meant fewer reps for Jones, although he said there were positives from watching the older quarterback go through the session.

“There was something that popped up — he did something with the ‘mike’ — and I can kind of learn from what he did. We talked it through,” Jones said.

Patriots head coach Bill Belichick hasn’t made any binding statement about which quarterback will be starting come Week One and may not do so before facing the Dolphins, which should mean plenty of people continue to watch for any signs of which way New England will go in a couple of weeks.