NFL, NFLPA should disclose the full list of unvaccinated players

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Inside information is very real for pro football, and it easily can be abused. This year, another important type of inside information could affect the wagers made and not made on a given team.

The 2021 COVID protocols put unvaccinated players at risk of a game-day scratch if they test positive or if they are deemed to be a close contact with an infected person. Vaccinated players won’t be tested on game day; thus, vaccinated players won’t face the risk of suddenly not being able to play.

So how can people who wager money in jurisdictions where sports betting is now legal be expected to make bets without knowing which players may suddenly be unavailable to play? The rules crafted by the league and the union — rules aimed at encouraging players to get vaccinated — have created this very important potential impediment to game-day availability. If the league (and the union, which also will benefit from the millions made by the sport through legalized betting) wants those who place wagers to feel good about the decisions being made, they need to be able to access a list of each team’s unvaccinated players.

Some names have become obvious, but only because of incidents involving the players. Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins spent five days out of practice as a close contact, which let the world know he’s not vaccinated. Ditto for Patriots quarterback Cam Newton, who missed five days after a COVID “misunderstanding” involving an out-of-town trip and a failure to be tested every single day at the team facility.

This is new territory for everyone. If/when a prominent player who isn’t widely known to be unvaccinated gets scratched on the day of a regular-season game for COVID reasons, anyone who bet on that team or added that player to a fantasy lineup without knowing about the risk he’d suddenly be pulled from the game will justifiably be upset. The league and the union need to anticipate that specific wrinkle and address it before it becomes a problem.

The NFL repeatedly talks about protecting the integrity of the game. It’s now important for the NFL to protect the integrity of the wagers placed on the game. For 2021, applying secrecy to the important category of unvaccinated players undermines the integrity of every wager placed on every team with unvaccinated players on the roster.

25 responses to “NFL, NFLPA should disclose the full list of unvaccinated players

  1. Simply stated, yes.

    It’s a huge risk to have a starting QB or any key player sat for a positive test.

    Depth is once again vital.

  2. Articles like this are what make people so paranoid. I get that obviously it’s in all players’ best interests to get vaccinated, but the best way is to convince them it’s in their own best interests to do so. Mandates will just make people dig in their heels. It was the same way with pre-game protests.

  3. Why is HIPPA privacy blatantly ignored with Covid? Who cares? If u want the vax get it and you will be safe and sound, right?

  4. NBC, CBS, FOX, NFL Network should disclose all reporters/cameramen/sideline staff that aren’t vaccinated either.

  5. All of a sudden PFT is a breeding ground for ACLU and privacy advocates, not. I am both but certainly see the need to address this issue. These guys are getting tested daily. What’s to protect, their right of denial?

    The NFL literally made a federal case out of air in a football when both teams had balls with low air pressure (and the Patriots played better after their balls were reinflated).

    Can you imagine the risk of this information being leaked given the betting advantage?

  6. They have mandatory injury reports already. Maybe they should have moron reports too!

  7. So now the league capitulates to gamblers, huh?
    In the 60’s, Paul Horning and Alex Karras were suspended for a $10 bet between them on the Lions/GB game.
    Now we supply info to rounders?
    The game is hopelessly corrupt.
    Fixed/ thrown games are right behind.

  8. doyouknowgod says:
    August 27, 2021 at 6:27 pm
    Yeah, get the vaccine and no more worries ever……..oh wait.

    Pay attention. Nobody ever, ever said the vaccine was guaranteed. It’s like a raincoat. Are raincoats guaranteed to keep you dry? Of course not. Why do they sell raincoats? Because they overwhelmingly do their job. Again…..a raincoat does not come with a guarantee for keeping you dry, especially in a heavy, steady downpour. The Delta variant is a downpour.

    Is this too simple for your comprehension? I’m trying to dumb it down.

  9. People you really need to read up on what HIPPA is (and isn’t). It applies to healthcare institutions, providers, insurance companies and (in some cases) the government.

  10. We now know that vaccinated players can be carriers of the virus. Excepting them from testing doesn’t make sense and just a ploy to coerce the unvaccinated. It’s also a gamble not to test the vaxxed. They are potential spreaders. If a team is 100% vaxxed, it’s not guaranteed that they will never get sick. They can still be out. But gambling is gambling. Put your money with teams that have great depths on players.

  11. Those who’ve had Covid have stronger and much longer lasting immunity than those who got the injections. It’s kind of crazy that the NFL’s rules treat a party with better, longer lasting immunity like a second class citizen compared to someone with less protection.

  12. It’s so obvious to see your true motivation with this article. Based on the comments most people see your true intention. Nice try

  13. I don’t know how accessing the list is of any real importance. Are gamblers all actuaries, determining the risk of players A, B or C might not play? No. Just test in a way that yields the results before(I guess awhile before)KO. Put them on a list with injured players that are out.

  14. Like a freaking broken record with the vaccine stuff dude…We get it already…You want players to do things to THEIR body that YOU want them to…Thankfully in November of 22 you and the other power hungry clowns will be silenced…You must have great internet service in your bunker under neat the kitchen table cowering in fear…Go sell this crap elsewhere…It gets old…Stay Safe and Stay Home

  15. Going by the comments to this thread I have to remind myself that posters are fans of the NFL, not WWE.

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