Saints-Cardinals game canceled because of Hurricane Ida

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Hurricane Ida has led to the cancellation of Saturday’s preseason finale between the Cardinals and Saints.

“At the request of Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards, the NFL and the New Orleans Saints announced this afternoon that due to the impending impact of Hurricane Ida on the Gulf Coast region that the team’s preseason game against the Arizona Cardinals has been canceled,” the Saints said in a statement. “The game, which was originally scheduled for 7 p.m. on August 28th was moved to noon at the Caesars Superdome. Due to the intensification of the Hurricane throughout the day and after the most recent tropical update, the team’s leadership has made the decision in the best interests of all personnel that may have been directly and indirectly affected by the storm. The announcement comes after constant communications with the City of New Orleans officials, the National Weather Service, Homeland Security, Governor Edwards and leading state officials and the National Football League. The team encourages all residents of the region to take precautionary measures to remain safe throughout the impending hurricane. The New Orleans Saints will be in communication with season ticket account holders regarding applicable refunds and/or credits to their season ticket accounts.”

Earlier in the day, the Saints announced they were moving up the start time from 7 p.m. to noon on Saturday. But Ida had other plans.

The storm has strengthened more than originally expected and is on track to make landfall as a major hurricane this weekend. Hurricane Ida now is projected to turn into a Category 4 storm with life-threatening storm surge, dangerous rainfall flooding, potentially catastrophic winds and tornadoes.

12 responses to “Saints-Cardinals game canceled because of Hurricane Ida

  1. Soon we’ll have people disputing whether hurricanes exist and claiming efforts to evacuate people are tyranny. Fun times.

  2. Willingly walking away from ticket and concession revenue – NFL displaying maturity for once! Oh wait, they will probably ask the city to make up the unforeseen loss. Unemployment for the ticket takers/concessioners loss of employment (just like covid)?

  3. formerlyflaccodelic says:
    August 27, 2021 at 5:57 pm
    Soon we’ll have people disputing whether hurricanes exist and claiming efforts to evacuate people are tyranny. Fun times.
    Thank you for the laugh….. but the sad part is you are probably more right then wrong on what people will choose to believe is REALLY HAPPENING ??!! Strange times indeed!!!!
    I’m guessing since the Earth is really flat we have nothing to worry about…. We’ll unless you live near one of the edges anyways, then you’ll have to watch out for the alligator people…. They gotta eat too!!!

  4. As long as it isn’t the media weather persons hyping it up and making drama to attract viewers. Others may find this incredible, but as a senior lifelong gulf coast resident the media crying wolf in regard to hurricanes became the main reason we residents would not evacuate.

  5. No one is denying hurricanes exist, but people have a choice to evacuate or ride it out. And I bet t&eir are thousands of liberals who choose to ride it out and fail to see the hypocrisy

  6. One of the sadder indicators of our society is the incredible amount of looting that happens when you do evacuate. Only hope is the storm catches the looters for a bit of retribution.

  7. Saints will forfeit next years first round draft choice for not consulting with the Commish about the decision. The hate for the Saints runs deep. Booooooo Booooooo

  8. Please evacuate. Take this hurricane seriously. May God bless and keep everyone in the region safe. Geaux Saints, stay strong Louisiana!

  9. Good call. Sad for the handful of guys trying to make the roster. But if the coach doesn’t know by now, that’s on him.

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