Chatter builds of a potential Deshaun Watson trade

Indianapolis Colts v Houston Texans
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As noted earlier this morning, decision time is coming for the Texans and quarterback Deshaun Watson. The options are few. The one that has seemed the least likely in recent weeks could be the one that happens.

Multiple executives from teams not directly involved in the discussions tell PFT that there’s mounting chatter that Watson will be traded in the coming days.

The two finalists are believed to be the Panthers and the Dolphins. (The Broncos and Eagles also had been linked to Watson.) If it happens, it would turn things upside down for whichever team gets Watson.

It’s hard to imagine a team giving the Texans what they’ve wanted for Watson — three first-round picks and more. So either the Texans are taking what they can get (if a trade happens) or the Texans will accept a package tied to the number of games Watson plays over the next two or three seasons.

Between Miami and Carolina, the Panthers make more sense. Owner David Tepper has made no secret of his desire for a franchise quarterback. Sam Darnold could still become one. Watson already is. And Tepper, who once kept a set of brass balls in his office, seems willing to roll the dice, despite the lingering uncertainty surrounding Watson.

It needs to be remembered in every Watson story or discussion that he’s facing serious accusations. Those accusations could become adverse verdicts in up to 22 civil cases or a conviction on up to 10 criminal complaints. Any team that trades for Watson assumes the risk that Watson won’t be available to play — and they’ll also face very real questions about the willingness to bring to town someone who has been involved in such alleged misbehavior.

53 responses to “Chatter builds of a potential Deshaun Watson trade

  1. If the Texans can cut ties with Watson, I commend them for doing what is right…
    For whoever trades for him, well, they desire whatever comes from doing so…

  2. Straight up Kirk Cousins for Watson, even if Watson doesn’t get to play it’ll still be an upgrade from having Cousins on the roster for the Vikings!

  3. Sounds like gossip as usual. He’s not going anywhere. The Texans messed this up as much as you could. He’ll be on ice for the season, and then they’ll trade him either at the deadline or next spring. They won’t get hardly anything for him. As the Texans turn. They will be terrible for the foreseeable future. Jack Easterby will reign supreme.

  4. If Watson goes to Carolina, what happens to Darnold? He probably is not ready to be on the bench at this point in his career. The QB merry go round continues..

  5. Either team mentioned have QB’s now that would be upset with this trade. Both have been brought to their current team with the understanding they would lead that team. Saying football is a business would be an understatement in either trade case.

  6. Urban Meyer would have offered up 3 firsts and Trevor Lawrence if Watson had played for Ohio State.

  7. Just because those teams are interested, Watson has to agree to those teams. He has a no trade cause in his contract. Not sure why that isn’t mentioned.

  8. Sam Darnold is heads and shoulders above Watson. It’s not even a contest. It’s another indication of how one team has won six super bowls recently, and the other 31 teams are somewhat fluttering around in a daze. Watson has never mastered the QB position at the NFL level. He can’t make the winning plays from the pocket. Just watch the film. He’s been in the league long enough to have figured out how to go to his next read. That hasn’t happened. Darnold has been on a garbage team, much like Steve Young before he went to San Francisco, or Jim Plunkett before he went to Oakland. Great QB’s don’t perform well with garbage teams. If someone hasn’t figured that out, they really shouldn’t be making decisions for multi-billion dollar businesses.

  9. It’s nuts if anyone trades for this guy. And I’d hate to be a fan of the team that did it.

  10. Correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t The team also have to pay Watson his salary if he is indeed unavailable to play and on the Comissioners list?

  11. No way the Texans would trade straight up for Cousins no matter how desperate they are. Watson for Dak and draft picks is more likely.

  12. Who would be interested in a quarterback that went 4-12? You are what your record says you are.

  13. firerogergoodellnow says:
    August 28, 2021 at 12:26 pm
    Who would be interested in a quarterback that went 4-12? You are what your record says you are.



    Yes, I would be interested in a 4-12 QB. Your record doesn’t define you. It’s a team sport. Dan Marino didn’t win a single ring but you can’t tell me he’s not one of the best to ever sling it. Conversely Trent Dilfer isn’t my idea of a top-flight quarterback.

    Go back and rethink your qualification criteria a bit.

  14. I assume if the Carolina Panthers trade for DeShaun Watson,that Sam Darnold would be apart of the trade package/draft picks sent back to Houston. I’m not sure how Houston Texans fans would feel about that. There’s still no guarantee DeShaun Watson even plays in the upcoming season.

  15. If anyone commenting here ever saw what goes on behind the scenes on an NBA team they’d be quite shocked.

    Yes, that even includes MJ, Magic, et al.

    I’d be happy to have Watson on my team. What he’s accused of is nothing compared to what some of your favorite all time athletes have done and gotten away with. Go ahead, deny it.

  16. firerogergoodellnow says:
    August 28, 2021 at 12:26 pm

    Who would be interested in a quarterback that went 4-12? You are what your record says you are.
    Steve Young says hi

  17. tyelee says:

    August 28, 2021 at 11:54 am

    If the Texans can cut ties with Watson, I commend them for doing what is right…
    For whoever trades for him, well, they desire whatever comes from doing so…
    The Texans arent cutting ties and doing what is right so theres no reason to commend them. If they cut Watson then they would be cutting ties, all their doing is trying to get compensation for a player who doesnt want to be there

  18. obesewantcannoli says:
    August 28, 2021 at 12:36 pm

    I”’d be happy to have Watson on my team. What he’s accused of is nothing compared to what some of your favorite all time athletes have done and gotten away with. Go ahead, deny it.”


    He’s accused by 22 women is sexual assault, 10 of whom, filed criminal complaints. Not sure I know too many athletes playing with more serious accusations. If any of the 10 criminal complaints are deem true, it’s not just fines, but jail time.

  19. The NFL simply does not believe Watson’s accusers … he will play this season for the Texans

  20. The only way any trade makes sense for HOU and any other team is that both teams now know what the league is going to do/not do to Watson. Otherwise, you are rolling the dice too much. Any trade which takes place is doing so with the league heavily– but quietly– involved.

  21. If a trade happens, and Watson is suspended both the Texans and the new team should be responsible 50/50 for his salary while on suspension. The draft compensation then could be something like 2 firsts and 2 third round picks.

  22. Watson for Tua plus a package of draft picks and he has to give his new teammates massages on his day off…

  23. Sounds like this chatter is coming from the Texans.

    The Dolphins and Eagles both have GMs who plan ahead. Their QBs are on rookie deals. Eagles stockpiled picks next year if they decide to move on from Hurts. Dolphins are giving Tua two more years, they have multiple picks in 2023.

    Neither of those teams are trading for Watson now.

  24. So weird. Panthers pass on Justin Fields in the draft but trade for a Fields-like player who has a proven record of not cutting it in the playoffs and years of wear on the tires, for a vastly higher price?

    And Miami passe son Herbert to go all-in on a reclamation project from a serious injury, dropping Fitzpatrick, only to break the bank on (again) a guy who’s shown he’s all stats and no signature wins?

    It’s good for the Texans, though. Watson is approaching his sell-by date and it’s diminishing returns from here.

  25. Stop this. No serious team will give anything for Watson until his legal problems are sorted out.

  26. The only reason why Miami is even mentioned is because Watson himself said he preferred to play for them. Tua will be just fine and Brissett was the the 2nd highest ranked QB in Pre-Season and probably the best backup in the NFL. This is just rumor gossip.

  27. if its an owner based decision as things of this size tend to be with all legal matters aside seems like it would be a slam dunk to Carolina … and even better so if Sam does not go back the other way, thus it becomes rather easy play him until the legal stuff is all cleaned up good or bad with suspension time likely thrown in if the new guy has been proven to be a bad bad boy, thus do the deal and well ya got a shiny new much better and motivated QB for 22 as truth be told these guys don’t grow on trees and become easily available even if a bit tarnished …. cause after all nothing cures a bad image in the new town like winning !!

  28. Don’t really understand why the Texans would trade him now… Seems likely Watson’s camp is driving this… There is much more upside to keeping him and waiting until this blows over… History has shown that playing well would erase the negativity surrounding Watson in a short amount of time… If Houston sells low on Watson now, they’ll be searching for franchise level QB play for another 4 or 5 years minimum… Makes zero sense from Houston’s perspective…

  29. Houston is in Full Rebuild mode. They need the draft picks. No use paying a QB $30 Mil/Yr when you don’t have a good supporting cast. Get a decent veteran back up to be the QB and draft a good young QB to develop.

  30. If he ends up on the Dolphins the season is over for the rest of the AFC before it even begins. Talk about a Miami hurricane the Dolphins will crush the rest of the AFC. The only chance the NFC will have in the super bowl is if Brady or Rodgers have the game of their lives. Assuming he can play the Dolphins will win this super bowl and potentially many others.

  31. There is so much certainty around Watson that I’m not sure why any team would want to give up anything of value to get him. It wouldn’t surprise me if Houston is willing at this point to just have some team assume his contract and be done with it. I seriously doubt Watson will be playing this year and may not ever again if he’s convicted on any of those charges.

    The acquiring team would also be ready to deal with the ramifications of signing a player facing those charges. That may have been easier ten or twenty years ago but in today’s climate it’s going to bring a lot of bad publicity.

    Between his availability to play and the potential bad publicity I’m not sure the reward outweighs the risk.

  32. If Watson got traded to either Carolina or Miami, then they would still face him either way as the Texans play both of them this year, Carolina at home. And to add intrigue if Darnold is part of the trade with Carolina, the Texans also play the Jets too. This is juicy last week before season stuff. Lets see how this plays out

  33. No NFL team wants Watson .. there is no spin that can justify bringing him in. The Texans are stuck with the hot potato.

  34. Doesn’t New England make the most sense? “Straight up” for Newton and Bobby K. might be able to get him off

  35. Watch Glengarry Glenross a few times Tepper? An owner can authorize a crazy trade cause once he says yes it’s not crazy to his employees it’s simply the marching orders. If I were Houston I’d keep pushing Carolina a little further and a little further the best return they will get us from that man doing whatever he chooses. That being said I think Houston is a clown show so I presume they will get the rights to Terrel Owens and some conditional 8th round draft selections. Still blows my mind a transaction him could be achieved in this moment unless they are paying a very low price with little risk if he’s incarcerated

  36. Eagles makes a lot of sense if Watson get’s involved and settles this lawyers will bleed you dry settle and move on.

    Eagles have easily one of the worst starting QB’S getting an legal free Watson would be a huge upgrade.

  37. Miami specifically hired OCs to build and install a specific offense built around Tua. The QB coach brought in had previously worked with Tua. Waddle was drafted.

    The media and IMO Herbert fans in Miami have driven this click bait train. Miami has a out if Tua doesn’t work out…thats 2023 and 2 #1s in the pocket.

  38. Let’s hope the Dolphins don’t follow the “Dave Wanstead Book on Player Personnel decisions” and trade for Watson. Watson is talented player but I doubt if found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt the warden will allow “work release” privilege’s to play on Sunday. Any team who pulls off such a trade better have clauses stating the option to change the compensation pending any judicial outcome. The Dolphins don’t need him at this tme.

  39. didnthearwhat says:
    August 28, 2021 at 2:27 pm

    Doesn’t New England make the most sense? “Straight up” for Newton and Bobby K. might be able to get him off
    Not with Mac Jones on the roster………

  40. Stop it.
    Miami is all in on Tua this year, they’re not trading for Watson. The only “chatter” is from national commentators who haven’t watched him and think he’s a “bust” based on last year.

  41. The Texans, as clever as always, refused to even talk to anyone about a trade for Watson before the draft when demand was high. Now demand has disappeared and they’d have a problem giving Watson away. I suppose the management sits in Cal McNair’s office and convinces themselves they’ve played this just right. They are geniuses!

  42. Steven Ross would lose all credibility. Mr. PC, Woke owner trades clean cut, hard working Tua for a potential rapist of women? Ross would be an absolute hypocrite and deserve all the criticism he would get from women’s groups. The Dolphins team would look foolish and tick off a fan base who has been getting behind Tua. Tua doesn’t work out, you have Rodgers coming out as a free agent next year and extra picks in 2023 if needed. Just say NO to this cancer

  43. Give me a break. Trade a decent human for a sex offender “straight up”?

    Who are you nerks who thumbs upped such an idiotic post?

  44. So all this bluster from the Panthers and their fans about Sam Darnold being this world killer is actually just… bluster, as they’ll drop him in a heartbeat if they can? Between waffling on Teddy and now this, that org is a dysfunctional mess…

  45. Fun fact: Mitchell Trubisky has a better winning percentage as a starting QB in the NFL than Deshaun Watson (29-23 versus 29-27, playoffs included)

  46. I don’t believe that any NFL team is currently trying to trade for Watson, but let’s say there’s some truth to this. Miami or Carolina would be undermining their current young QBs and giving them a vote of no confidence, while having to wait until Watson is available.

    I know that NFL players are professionals, but they’re also human beings. You can’t get the best out of someone by telling them that you don’t believe in them and that they’re going to be replaced as soon as possible.

    That would just be dumb player development…or anti-development. I also believe that Tua and Darnold are going to be fine, so there’s no reason to get rid of them so quickly.

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