Urban Meyer reunites with former Ohio State receiver Devin Smith

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On the same day the Jaguars flipped a former sixth-rounder for a sixth-rounder that can become a fifth-rounder with whom coach Urban Meyer had no prior connection, Meyer’s team decided to take a shot on a failed second-rounder whom Meyer knows very well.

The Jaguars have announced that receiver Devin Smith has been signed to the roster.

Smith, a second-round pick of the Jets back in 2015, has played in only 18 regular-season games. He has 15 catches for 248 yards and two touchdowns. He last played in 2019, for the Cowboys.

More importantly, Smith played for Ohio State from 2012 through 2014, when Meyer was the head coach there.

The Jaguars also have signed offensive lineman Jermaine Elueunor, a fifth-round pick of the Ravens who has 39 career appearances. Last year, he appeared in 12 games with the Patriots.

Both will have their work cut out for them, if they hope to stick around when the roster cuts to 53 on Tuesday. Still, by simply walking through the door and joining the 80-man roster, Smith has already made it farther than Meyer’s other college football reunion project from 2021.

9 responses to “Urban Meyer reunites with former Ohio State receiver Devin Smith

  1. Seems like a strange move by Meyer. However, Smith obviously had some talent or else he wouldn’t have been drafted in the 2nd round. He was out of the league last year and nobody had bothered to even give him a chance. That says a lot about what the rest of the league thinks about him. I have to believe this is Smith’s last chance and it’s hard to imagine he’d make any kind of impact in their final preseason game tomorrow. Since he was available why didn’t Meyer sign him earlier.

    Trading Minshew then signing this guy? Something tells me this is going to work out for Urban the same way it worked out for another Florida head coach who jumped to the NFL (Spurrier) who signed a bunch of his former players. Here’s a hint, it was an utter disaster. I’ll be surprised if Meyer is still the coach by year’s end. Once he realizes he’s in over his head and the Jags lose every game he’ll be wishing he was back in the Fox pregame show and quit.

  2. Another older former player getting a second chance from Meyer. Former second round pick played only 18 NFL games total. Sounds like another good college player whose talents didn’t translate to the pros. I wish him well, but chances are he’ll be home for Thanksgiving.

  3. If Urban Myers signs all the ex Ohio state and Florida players he might have a real NFL team,,,

  4. Unfortunately,Devin Smith couldn’t do what wide receivers are drafted and paid to do….and that’s catch the football.

  5. I know it’s been said on here numerous times… But we are looking at Spurrier 2.0. Let’s do how many years Meyer sticks around. Thumbs up for more than 2. Thumbs down for 2 or less.

  6. Smith had the injury bug early and couldn’t stay on the field. He had 2 ACLs that pretty much covered his rookie contract. Then it was time for the Jets to move on. I was surprised to see him make Dallas a couple years back. Figured he was bound for a CFL journeyman career or maybe selling tractors in Columbus. I think the WR depth chart was pretty shallow at the time, should tell you something about Dez Bryant, too.

    It’s worth noting he spent most of 2020 on the practice squads of 2 teams and New England had him on a futures contract until 1 month ago. So he made 6 figures from the Pats and Texans last year, and he only spent 19 days after final cuts not signed to an NFL team. He was under contract from 9/21/2020 to 7/27/2021. It’s not like nobody was checking for him at all.

  7. It’s at least a step in the right direction that Smith will be asked to play his normal position rather than learn some totally new position from scratch.

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