Brian Flores: No comment on Deshaun Watson, “very confident” in Tua Tagovailoa

Miami Dolphins Training Camp
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The prospect of a trade sending Deshaun Watson to the Dolphins became a topic of conversation on Saturday when a report said they’d emerged as favorites to deal for the Texans quarterback.

That report was followed by another one that said the Dolphins balked at the asking price for Watson and the links with Miami led to a question for Dolphins head coach Brian Flores after Sunday’s preseason finale. Flores said “reports, speculation are not things we really get into” and that any discussions the team has about personnel will remain internal.

Flores also reaffirmed his belief in starting quarterback Tua Tagovailoa.

“I am very confident in Tua,” Flores said, via Joe Schad of the Palm Beach Post. “He has done a lot of good things. He has played well. My conversations with a player are going to remain between me and that player.”

Flores was asked later in the press conference if the team has interest in Watson and said he is “interested in the players that are on our team.” Watson is not one of those players at the moment, which leaves Tagovailoa as the man leading the offense into Week One’s game against the Patriots.

43 responses to “Brian Flores: No comment on Deshaun Watson, “very confident” in Tua Tagovailoa

  1. I like Tua and I hope he succeeds on whatever NFL team he should land,but going back to his days in Alabama,up to being drafted by the Miami Dolphins. He plays so upright and stiff with little flexibility. I wonder if that has anything to do with his extensive injury history. Apparently Brian Flores and the front office don’t think Tua is the long term answer at QB in Miami.

  2. Didn’t the Dolphins woo Coach Harbaugh when they still had Sporano under contract? Yeah, that didn’t turn out so well.

    Guess Ross will never learn.

  3. Uh Huh…..and we will watch your confidence wane week 1 when The Greatest Defense of the 2021-22 season premiers. I Am So Proud!

  4. Good luck with that.

    So, it’s true the players don’t believe in Tua like last year, but boy did they mess up by letting this get out.

    Grier and Flores right on that hot seat.

  5. Anything is possible at the right price…..but I doubt Watson playing for anyone any time soon.

  6. Teams with starting QBs they even slightly trust dont behave in this way just prior to the start of the season.

  7. How refreshing for a coach to not just boldface lie to our face and say they’re not interested in a trade or insisting it will never happen. Kudos to Flores.

  8. If Watson is traded, we’ll see it happen soon. I’m hoping the Dolphins stick with Tua but anything is possible.

  9. Tua may be a bust but Watson isn’t worth what Houston is asking for…Watson isn’t even worth one first round pick, he will have as many Super Bowls as Tua when all is said and done….I.e. zero!

  10. If i was the Houston Texans I would NOT be in any hurry to trade Watson if they are NOT getting the type of return they are seeking. Because lets face it when the season is well on its way and alot of teams see their QB’S stinking up the joint they will rush to that AUCTION to get in on the bidding for Watson. Especially for Teams that have almost everything but the Quarterback.

  11. I am not confident in Tua and never have been. Part of it is because he comes across – to me – as soft. everyone condemning the move – if there even is a move – as hurtful to Tua’s confidence aren’t changing my mind about that. It’s the NFL folks.

  12. Does Watson even make them a playoff team in the AFC? Or at all? He is a garbage time stat stuffer. The Phins are not just a QB away.

  13. Back to back Superbowls for Mahomes and the whole league is adjusting to keep with with KC. The LA Chargers, even with the Rookie of the Year Quarterback, changed head coach. Deshaun Watson knows he isn’t winning big games in Houston. Rogers knows that team can’t win it all. Shananhan bet big on Jimmy G and missed and now bets big on Lance and eek that kid doesn’t look good. The Raiders have two better quarterbacks than 49’ers, let that sink in. Only teams I’m high on are the Browns, Bills, Chiefs. There’s a lot of project teams this season

  14. Only reason to bring in Watson is if you don’t believe Tua is going to be a franchise QB. It would be a bit strange to make that conclusion this early. Maybe there is something about the hip that isn’t public knowledge yet.

  15. touchback6 says:
    August 29, 2021 at 8:27 pm

    Good luck with that.

    So, it’s true the players don’t believe in Tua like last year …

    I haven’t heard this anywhere else … but anyway it doesn’t matter.

    What’s to believe in? They haven’t taken their first snap of the season yet … patience …

    and pray they avoid the smoldering fire emanating from the thought of a Watson acquisition …

  16. I’m not a players fan unless they can show 5hat they have that “IT” factor. You either have it or you don’t smart fans know what I’m getting at. Then you have SINNETT 3rd string qb in Cincinnati down in the 4th qtr. Leads this team back into the lead going 22-33 328 yards 2 td 1 int. Theres your “IT” factor . He looked amazing. Most yards thrown in a preseason in 6 years by any qb on any team. WAIT for it but hes 3rd string yeah that’s just a number. So why is it that Burrows came in late to try to lead his team back. Couldnt do it. Tua has not shown me anything that I can say wow about. Mediocrity = 8-8 @ best. WATSON IS DEFINITELY NEEDED. As a fan for well over 30 years we need this.

  17. dcpatfan says:
    August 29, 2021 at 8:26 pm
    Uh Huh…..and we will watch your confidence wane week 1 when The Greatest Defense of the 2021-22 season premiers. I Am So Proud!
    I’m sure you’ll get a good long look at them, since they will be on the field often.

  18. Out of 3 qb in any draft class there is ALWAYS 1 OUT OF 3 not as good as the others. Tua is NOT better then Burrows or Hubert. Straight up! They have thrown for Touchdowns and yards Tua has not. FITZ MAGIC LEAD US BACK last year in games. Tua may want to be the guy. Shoot Tannehill wanted to be that guy . But as it goes in poker got to know when to hold em and when to fold em.

  19. Don’t get all the nonsense comments about “what about the confidence in Tua?” What does an unknown have to do with a known fact? Watson is a proven top 5 QB and was the passing yards leaders last year with a crappy team and only 2nd in passer rating to Mahomes. Of course you make that trade. This is a production business, not a faith and confidence business. Ridiculous.

  20. I have been a hard core Dolphin fan since 1983. And have seen a lot during the last 38 years.
    As a fan there are a lot of things I have not liked. I think JJ wasted the last four years of Marino’s career and the team did not give Marino enough of a chance.
    The Wannstedt years were a waste. Followed by the Saban disaster and Cameron’s legendary incompetence during 2017 when the players mutinied at the end.
    Ross visiting Harbaugh was pretty bad.
    The waste of Tannehill’s seven first years by two clowns impersonating head coaches was worse.
    And I was a season ticket holder during 2019 when Miami lost the first two games by a combined 102-10 and were called the worst franchise in the history of the NFL.
    Thought that we finally were on the way and had a good coach who was architecting a rebuild. Had confidence in the defense and in Tua.
    And now I find out that they are thinking of abandoning the rebuild to trade multiple first rounders for a player who is being brought before a grand jury to face ten accusations of sexual misconduct. In addition there are 22 civil lawsuits for related behavior.
    As the last 38 attest, Dolphin fans can put up with a lot of incompetence and never lose hope
    But for me at least, there are limits.
    If they trade for Watson I will find another team.


  21. Trading for DeShaun Watson would be the biggest mistake since Wayne Huizenga allowed Jimmy Johnson to select Dave Wanstead to succeed him as head coach.

  22. Personally I think Watson is the better QB. Better arm strength, pocket awareness and running ability.
    …but, it would divide the locker room to rip Tua out and insert DeShaun days before the season starts.

  23. Flores does NOT BELIEVE IN Tua like at all, not even a little. If you believe in your QB then you don’t start talking to another team about what it would take to land DeShuan Watson if you believe you have a franchise QB on the roster. Obviously they don’t think Tua is that guy and dont think he will ever develop a special top 5-10 NFL QB who makes a Pro Bowl/AllPro list or two.

    I have a feeling the trade will be announced in a week two Tua hopefully going to a team that actually believes in his skills and wants to develop him long term. Onething Miami needs to realize right now though is they aren’t getting ANY WHERE CLOSE in return compensation to the 5th overall 1st round pick they drafted him with. I think they will get a 3rd & a 6th back for him something like, maybe a late 2nd but it would be only a late 2nd. Or maybe then send him to Houston knocking a couple mid round picks off the Watson’s price tag thats assuming that Houston wants him though.

  24. I understand that every position is not a lock and every player should look over their shoulder. That being said, you do not do this right before the season opener to the starting QB who has looked great so far, and especially for someone who has 22 women filing lawsuits against him. This is very bad look for Flores and the front office. You will never be able to sign a free agent worth his weight in salt. If this was Jeff Ireland it wouldn’t shock me, but Grier and Flores?

  25. And it sounds like if the Dolphins are able to pull off a trade for Watson they will have to find another trade partner to dump Tua on, as the Texans arent interested in him.

  26. Nobody is giving up multiple first round picks for a guy who might already be unofficially suspended even now. Texans certainly don’t seem confident based on them burying him as far on the depth chart as possible. Making a show of acting like they might start him would prove to trade partners he wasn’t already secretly suspended but the Texans aren’t doing that which shows they’re afraid what the answer might be.

  27. he sure didnt say there was no truth to those rumors, only until watson is on the team, tuas the guy.Tua better have his bags packed, hes moving.

  28. Maybe not ever, but only a classless & dysfunctional org would consider Watson right now: Miami.

  29. “As a fan for well over 30 years we need this.”

    We need an (alleged) sex offender who may be suspended or go to jail and will be a PR nightmare every single moment. Said no real fan ever.

  30. This is not happening. Flores is just doing his BB presser. He learned from the best.
    Don’t say anything either way.
    But you can bet Tua knows what is going on and Tua will be QB1

  31. bvolke says:
    August 29, 2021 at 8:24 pm
    Translation: We know Tua is a bust and we are trying to get Watson.


    More like we can get a better QB than Tua in Watson. Tua isn’t Josh Rosen just yet.

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