If J.K. Dobbins is out for the year in Baltimore, could Todd Gurley be in?

Baltimore Ravens v Washington Football Team
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The MRI results will be definitive. For now, the Ravens have the same concerns that every team has when a player suffers a knee injury that results in the player being carted to the locker room.

Per multiple reports (which are simply reporting the obvious), the Ravens fear that J.K. Dobbins has a torn ACL.

In many cases, physical examination and manipulation of the knee will reveal a potential loss of stability, which helps point to a potential ACL tear. Ultimately, the MRI reveals the final outcome.

If Dobbins is done for the year, Gus Edwards becomes the primary tailback. The Ravens will then have to decide whether to push the depth chart higher or to attempt to sign a veteran, to make a trade, or to pursue one of the players who will be released between now and Tuesday at 4:00 p.m. ET.

The first name to watch is Todd Gurley. The 2017 NFL offensive player of the year visited Baltimore in June, leaving without a deal.

That possibly could change, soon.

32 responses to “If J.K. Dobbins is out for the year in Baltimore, could Todd Gurley be in?

  1. I feel bad for Dobbins. It’s a bad look for Harbaugh after beating his chest last week over winning 19 straight pre-season games. His pride in winning meaningless practice games is bizarre.

  2. “nhpats2011 says:
    August 29, 2021 at 10:47 am
    Why was Harbaugh playing his starting RB in a meaningless pre-season game?”

    The same reason every other team in the NFL plays their starters for a series or two in meaningless pre-season games.

  3. Mark Ingram to the Ravens for a 3rd or 4th round pic. The Texans are deep @ RB, Johnson, Lindsey, Burkhead, Howell, and Phillips.

  4. nhpats2011 says:
    August 29, 2021 at 10:47 am
    Why was Harbaugh playing his starting RB in a meaningless pre-season game?

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    Yes, because no starters have ever played in the third preseason game, and no starters have ever been injured in the preseason. Definitely a unique Harbaugh situation here.

  5. Injuries happen ,time to move on. Jackson makes any running back better even a now average at best Todd Gurley.

  6. Gurley’s knees must really be bad if even the Rams, who drafted him, traded for Sony Michell, who also has bad knees, instead of resigning him to a 1 year contract!

  7. JK Dobbins was second in rookie YPC (yards per carry) productivity over the past 10 years – only Alvin Kamara exceeded him Kamara doesn’t get a sniff of the preseason games yet Harbaugh has Dobbins in against (arguably) the first team of a very good defense in the WFT, and look what happens. SMH

  8. Fun fact that reveals the meaninglessness of the pre-season: Two teams have gone 0-16, the Lions and the Browns. In the years when they failed to win a game, they were 4-0 in the pre-season.

  9. Who cares if the backup running back is out?

    Lamar is the lead back and can manage the load.

    Everyone keeps complaining Lamar can’t win in the playoffs, but seriously, when have they ever had an NFL quality starting quarterback to support him in the backfield?

  10. My guess is they sign Gurley if Dobbins is out for the year – if only a couple months then they can roll with what they have.

  11. Yeah but 20-0 in the preseason. Boom. Like the kicker that makes 60 yarders in practice and shanks the 33 yarder in the actual game.

  12. If your gonna sign Gurley, you might as well bandage Dobbins leg and let him play. They should pick up A.P.

  13. This is very sad although there’s a twist. Third year running Justice Hill, who was probably on the verge of getting cut, may get an opportunity in 2021/22. Hill does have 4.4 speed and is pound for pound probably the strongest RB in the NFL, rivaling his injured teammate J.K Dobbins.

  14. Why would you HC play their starts in a meaningless preseason game? The HC has gotten to caught up in his preseason winning streak. Wow…

  15. This is karma for the Ingram healthy scratch stuff last season. Beat on a dude like a rented mule then don’t let him play in the post season? `

  16. Maybe the Rams trade for Michel ( 2 lower picks) is looking better. His price would be higher if the Ravens were calling the Pats now.

  17. Let’s bring in the guy with a degenerative knee condition whose reps need to be severely managed for him to play.

    I’m sure all of the Ravens opponents would endorse that signing

  18. I think Harbaugh is huge crybaby but this retrospective criticism of his RB getting injured in the 1st series is absurd.

  19. Dung Happens.

    Dobbins could’ve been injured in the 1st series of the 1st game. Next man up.

  20. I think the backs they have in camp are more proficient then Gurley at this point, that signing would make no sense.

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