Jerry Jones: Dak Prescott is “good to go” for Week One


The Cowboys get the 2021 season started in 11 days. When it happens, quarterback Dak Prescott will be playing.

Owners and General Manager Jerry Jones said Sunday that Dak is “good to go” for Week One at Tampa Bay.

“He really turned it loose and was none the worse for it,” Jones said regarding Prescott’s week of practice.

Prescott suffered a shoulder strain early in training camp. The injury to the lat muscle — a pitching injury — prompted the Cowboys to consult with baseball trainers.

Simms has said on PFT Live that he has noticed a difference in Dak’s throwing motion. That could be a result, consciously or not, of Prescott protecting his broken ankle from 2020. The right leg becomes the base from which Prescott generates his throwing power; he’s possibly trying to muster more from his upper body than from his lower body as he protects the

For now, it’s known that Prescott will play in Week One. Whether and to what extent he plays like he did before the ankle and shoulder injuries remains to be seen.

12 responses to “Jerry Jones: Dak Prescott is “good to go” for Week One

  1. It’s a shame that most of the NFL’s medical wisdom is hindsight. This could have been prevented, but as usual players are rushed back to the field before all the kinks are ironed out, and the results are predictable.

  2. Jerry has completely turned into Al Davis. How many plays a game will he call this year?

  3. Prescott’s getting paid $75 million this year, Brady $41 million.

    Who do you think made the better investment?

  4. Gosh I love this time of year. It usually starts a couple of weeks before training camp and continues for a few weeks into the regular season before reality intrudes.

    It’s that special time of year when Jerry is extra prone to ridiculous hyperbole and boundless optimism. When no microphone in even a high school audio visual room, will go long without a pithy quote from Jerry on the tremendous team he himself has assembled, and how impressive everyone has looked this far.

    Ah yes, almost every day a new more “glass is half full quote emerges”. Good times. Shame to see it so often end less than half way of the way through the season on Jerry’s hand selected Dallas teams inexorable drive toward annual mediocrity.

  5. The Cowboys are doomed. Reminds of what happened to the Panthers after Cam’s shoulder injury, he was never the same.

  6. This is exactly why the Cowboys will never win another Super Bowl. This team is always putting Jerry Jones in the mix. Let the team execs, coaches, and players be the face and the go to people for Cowboy information. Dude is making mad cash from this but he needs to step away if he wants “America’s Team” to win again.

  7. Doesn’t matter if Dak is 400% healthy. Still doesn’t do anything to help Dallas. Hasn’t done squat with all the weapons in the world. HE’S the issue with the Dallas offense.

  8. The NFL is much better when the Cowboys are a good team, and the Cowboys are much better when Dak Prescott is their QB.

  9. dejadoh says:
    August 29, 2021 at 1:29 pm
    Jerry has completely turned into Al Davis. How many plays a game will he call this yea

    They’re both HOFers, having each won multiple super bowls.

  10. Teams from states that are the most infested with Covid yet fan-actics will sit in those super spreader events and cheer proving once again stupidity knows no bounds .

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