Justin Fields finishes preseason strong

Chicago Bears v Tennessee Titans
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Justin Fields is not the Bears’ starting quarterback. But he looks like he should be.

Fields, the rookie first-round pick who is the future in Chicago, got the start and played well in the final preseason game on Saturday night, and coach Matt Nagy praised his effort afterward.

“He’s done a lot of great things,” Nagy said, via the Chicago Sun-Times. “He’s done everything he can to make us feel that if we put him in a game, he would do fine. What we’ve asked him to do is digest this offense, be able to play fast. . . . He’s still growing with some things, but that’s natural. Every rookie quarterback goes through some of that stuff. He’s done a great job of staying very positive. He’s done what we’ve asked him to do.”

Despite all that, Nagy’s plan remains to start Andy Dalton in Week One against the Rams. But it seems unlikely that Dalton can keep Fields on the sideline for long.

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  1. Start Dalton as long as possible. Even if the bears arnt winning, get a top 10 pick next year and get fields an elite OL to help out. Tevin Jenkins and a top 10 OT next year to block for fields for the next 10 years. Dont screw it up bears, the kid looks special.

  2. As a Bears fan, I am OK with Justin sitting and learning as much as he can. If it means a 9/7 season, I think it will mean the next 12 years will be very exciting.

  3. aldavis4president says:
    August 29, 2021 at 7:03 am
    Start Dalton as long as possible. Even if the bears arnt winning, get a top 10 pick next year and get fields an elite OL to help out. Tevin Jenkins and a top 10 OT next year to block for fields for the next 10 years. Dont screw it up bears, the kid looks special.

    Giants own Bears’ first pick next year- it’s how you got the “special” QB 🙂

  4. A lot of people thought Fields should’ve easily been the number 2 pick, if not number 1. Whatever the reason was that caused him to fall out of the top 10, we haven’t seen it. All I see is a tough, dynamic playmaker and leader with elite speed and athleticism.

    This is another Deshaun Watson situation (minus the legal trouble). A bunch of teams overthinking an easy decision. Chicago got a steal.

  5. @aldavis4president

    The only snag there is that the Bears traded their 2022 first to the Giants in order to move up to take Fields. If they have a bad year this year, their highest pick next year will start with their 2nd.

  6. Just another Ohio State QB in the pros…he’ll be gone in a few yrs because he’s no Kent Graham!

  7. As a Broncos fan, I believe Fields will be a constant reminder of George Paton’s biggest early mistake. Sure, Pat Surtain Jr. is a fine CB, but Fields has the looks of a franchise QB for years to come. Watching Teddy play like a marginal backup, at best, against the Rams 3rd defense last night was downright depressing. I hope Fields returns the Bears to prominence. Unfortunately, I’ll be here in Denver supporting a routerless ship.

  8. If a rookie QB like Fields is ready to play in the NFL, you have play him. Don’t hold him back for the sake of “letting him learn.” Justin Herbert showed us last season that some rookies arrive ready to start.

  9. I think they should make a firm commitment to sit him for the entire year and stick to it. Sitting can’t hurt him but starting too early can. For every rookie QB that played year one and succeeded, there are probably 5 (if not 10) that got their confidence (and thus their entire careers) shattered. If those 5 (or 10) guys had sat for a year, they may have succeeded as well.

    I’m glad Jordan Love is sitting and learning and I think the Vikings will benefit from Mond sitting as well.

  10. He looked pretty average against 2nd and 3rd string caliber players. He has a long wait to go before he looks like a starter.

  11. Justin Fields did everything to beat out Jake Frohm at Georgia and still wasn’t given the QB1 spot.

    Justin Fields did everything to be a top 2 pick and was still drafted #8.

    Justin Fields being Andy Dalton’s backup despite out performing him fits his narrative. I’m not surprised.

    If you have a team void of talent then you sit the future of your franchise until the team is built around him, but if you have a team ready to compete and the future is now then you play your rookie QB if he’s ready. Why would you sit him? At Ohio State Justin Fields nickname was “QB1” for a reason. He is the epitome of a QB1.

  12. I’m concerned that Fields is going to be good enough to take the spotlight off of how bad of a coach Nagy is. The offense is constantly put in bad positions because of Nagy’s playcalling

  13. The preseason doesn’t mean anything. You find out where a QB is when he’s facing the opponent’s 1’s for 60 minutes, not guys who will be out of the league in a few days. Fields may or may not be ready to start in the NFL. People shouldn’t get so excited (or depressed) by preseason performances. If the Bears can’t win with Dalton, they should start Fields and see what they’ve got. Otherwise, don’t throw him to the wolves too soon.

  14. Perhaps, Pace should go to Japan get some heavy wight sumo wrestlers to play in the offensive line.

  15. As a Buckeye fan his play was not a surprise he’s that great however i’d like him to sit for say 6 weeks so he can be better prepared for bigtime football that time would be nvauble to him he’s such a student of the game he’d learn a lot .

  16. Some guy was worried about the number #1 they had to give up to acquire Fields are you
    serious the Bears have never had a franchise QB in my lifetime i’m 66 and while we can’t call him that quite yet i believe i’ve seen enough ( OHIO ST FAN ) to believe he is one .
    look at all the crap the Bears have drafted at QB if he turns out like i believe he will once Rodgers moves on it’s the Bears division and that’d be worth 3 -number one picks.

  17. The Broncos will regret passing on him like they regret passing on Josh Allen.

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