Matt LaFleur: “For the most part” Jordan Love did a nice job in preseason

Green Bay Packers v Buffalo Bills
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The Packers’ preseason came to an end with Jordan Love starting at quarterback against the Bills on Sunday and it remains to be seen when he’ll next be in that role.

Aaron Rodgers is set to start in the regular season with Love on hand in case of injury or a remarkable drop in effectiveness. The offseason could bring a lasting change, but it isn’t certain that Rodgers will be moving on and the Packers’ belief in Love’s readiness for the job will play a role in how that plays out.

Given the possibility that Love won’t play any meaningful snaps this season, this preseason work will be a data point for the team to consider and Packers head coach Matt LaFleur discussed Love’s performance after the game.

“I think for the most part he’s done a nice job,” LaFleur said, via Rob Demovsky of “Certainly these are teachable moments, and I think you have to experience those and go through those in a game setting to really learn from them, so I’m pretty certain that he will learn from those mistakes and hopefully he doesn’t repeat them.”

One mistake on Saturday was an interception in the end zone after the Packers drove to Buffalo’s 21-yard-line. LaFleur said Love took a risk he can’t take unless the game is on the line and that’s the kind of lesson Love will have to continue to learn from afar for at least a little while longer.

21 responses to “Matt LaFleur: “For the most part” Jordan Love did a nice job in preseason

  1. This kid has played four preseason quarters in two years. He needs to benefit from watching and learning for another year is an understatement. I haven’t seen anything beyond another Brett Hundley, yet. Jury is still out.

  2. He has a lot to learn. Hopefully by watching he improves. Whenever the play breaks down he throws into coverage. He does not set his feet when he is hurried and throws a wounded duck pass up for grabs. He needs lots of playing time.

  3. Rookie QB’s will have their ups and downs. QB’s who step in right away and play well are hard to find.
    So — the question becomes whether the QB has the physical skills and mental capacity to play the position. The physical skills are the easy part. It’s the mental part of playing QB which is the hard part. Everyone will remember what Brett Favre said about his first year in GB. He said he was in a meeting and Mike Holmgren was talking about a nickel defense, and Favre had no clue what he was talking about, and had to ask Doug Pedersen what a nickel defense was.
    There is no question that Jordan Love’s physical skills check all the boxes. But the mental part of the game can only be improved by experience, which he has had very little of.
    If he has to play, whenever that is, he will probably struggle at times. Go back and watch Troy Aikman play his first year in Dallas, for instance. That wasn’t pretty, either.
    I hope the kid does play well whenever his chance comes. He’s already been put under more pressure than most young QB’s, and he hasn’t even been on the field, really.

  4. Love played pretty decently. Some rookie mistakes but overall probably better than I expected. That being said I hope Rodgers sticks around awhile.

  5. Prediction: Rodgers finishes his career in Green Bay, JLove gets traded as a project.

  6. Ironically, because he is so bad, the packers will get a lot less for Rodgers in that the other teams know what the pack end up with if he leaves and will low ball them.

  7. The sooner Packer fans drop the sense of entitlement when it comes to their run of starting QB’s the better. What they’ve had in that position for that length of time is unprecedented in the NFL. To think it’s going to continue with Love, or anyone else for that matter, is wishful thinking to say the least.

  8. A lot to take away in Jordan Love’s first preseason campaign.

    First, does he possess the necessary physical tools one desires in an NFL QB? Absolutely, 100%.
    Lively arm, a little bit of a windup at times that’ll hopefully be addressed in the near future, but this kid can make all the throws and his accuracy is better than has been reported.
    He moved the ball well against the Bills #1 defense, even getting them to jump 3 times in their home stadium. (I wonder where he got that from?)
    Making the intermediate throws can be tough on a young QB and I thought he did well with those.

    Decision making has been a little more uneven.
    Two terrible decisions in the red zone yesterday.
    One resulting in a pick on a poorly thrown ball as he was falling down that had no chance of being completed.
    This is an easily correctable mistake, Jordan has to realize that there are moments where you accept your losses and live to fight another day.
    And that’ll be impressed upon him.
    Also, though I appreciate his courage when running the football, he needs to learn to slide.
    You do your team nor your career any favors with unnecessary trips to the IR.

    All and all, it’s about what I expected from a young developmental QB playing without any starters.
    I’m relieved from what I saw out of him.
    Obviously the Packers organization has more film to analyze than we do from practices and workouts.
    He definitely looks the part, but there’s still work to be done.
    It’s nice to have an MVP caliber quarterback to play while it’s happening though.

  9. I was pleased overall with Love’s performance yesterday. I was definitely NOT pleased with the two passes he just heaved out there on a wing and a prayer (one was intercepted, the other incomplete) but I don’t know if he would have thrown either of them in a real game. If so, I hope he learns from the mistakes and won’t be tempted to try it again.

    On the two-minute drill going into the half, I thought he looked great. In command and playing fast. I was surprised they went for the field goal there (and more surprised that Crosby missed) but I suppose you need to get the field goal unit some work in the preseason too.

  10. “Everyone will remember what Brett Favre said about his first year in GB. He said he was in a meeting and Mike Holmgren was talking about a nickel defense, and Favre had no clue what he was talking about” And has anyone really thought about just what Favre would be doing for a living all these years in Mississippi had he not had a powerful arm and some great teachers on the Packers.

  11. Dude looked just like he did in College when he was struggling in the weaknest conference in the NCAA playing against glorified high school defenses: Mediocre.

  12. I remember one of Rodgers first games when he came in for an injured Brett Favre handing the ball off to air because he turned the wrong way.

    I’m not interested in what QB do in games or preseason games, I’m interested in what trends they show behind the scenes that we don’t get to see.

  13. He showed that he needs to make better decisions. You can’t throw the killer interception and he did that in college. Jury is way out on him.

  14. QB position not that important in Green Bay anymore. Current coach has shown he’d rather rely on his defense in the big moments.

  15. gophersnot says:
    August 29, 2021 at 8:24 am
    He played well.

    ….as well as Cousins, 0-3.

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