Will Patriots start Cam Newton or Mac Jones in season opener?

New England Patriots Vs. New York Giants Duel Practice
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The Patriots have a decision to make: Cam Newton or Mac Jones?

The team has two weeks until its season opener against the Dolphins, so the time is coming for a decision on the starting quarterback. But Sunday was not the day.

After the Patriots ended the preseason with a 22-20 victory over the Giants, Mike Reiss of ESPN asked Patriots coach Bill Belichick if he had decided on his opening day starter.

“No,” Belichick replied. “We still have a lot of decisions to make.”

Newton played two series Sunday. He threw an interception and led the Patriots to a field goal, going 2-for-5 for 10 yards. Jones was 10-of-14 for 156 yards and a touchdown in his six possessions.

Newton missed three practices last week after a COVID-19 protocol misunderstanding.

27 responses to “Will Patriots start Cam Newton or Mac Jones in season opener?

  1. Belichick will start Newton. He’ll get a few games. If it goes poorly—which is almost an inevitability—he’ll make the switch.

    It’s crystal clear that Jones will be the Patriots starter eventually. He’s better.

  2. Belichick haters kept telling us no one could run the Patriots system except Brady but a rookie Mac Jones has done a pretty good job so far. Can’t wait to see Mac start in during the regular season.

  3. Mac Jones looks miles better, so if he is not the starter it’s because Belichick thinks he’s built like a wimpy high school kid who can’t survive an NFL season.

  4. Man, if Mac Jones starts that is a coup by BB. Kid was the fifth QB drafted and is far and away the most decisive QB this preseason. He doesn’t have the athletic talent, but he is a mastermind of the game. And it’s all about the game, not how you look in tight pants with pads.

  5. The smart football move is to start Cam and let the rookie learn what the ‘real’ season is like.
    My fan response is i want to see Mac week one. He looks more like a Patriots QB than Cam does.

  6. If they’re going to have to pay Newton anyway, I would start him and continue to develop Mac Jones. There’s no rush to force Jones in there when you have a Super Bowl starting quarterback sitting there on the team. See what you have in Cam.

    Dream scenario for the Patriots … Cam starts and plays out of this world … there is a season ending injury to one of the QBs of a playoff team …

    The Patriots get a very nice haul of draft capital for Newton. Mac Jones gets a little more time to percolate on the bench and then it’s showtime for him.

    We’ll soon see what the wizard (Coach Belichick) has in store for us.

  7. Here is the thing. You have to remember that all of this is so vanilla. Nobody is scheming anything. Cam has more experience dealing with defenses adjusting on the fly. You have to go with Cam for now. Having said that, I think Mac runs the offense the way McDaniels wants it run. Cam does not. Mac lit the Giants up in Wednesday practice. They adjusted and he wasn’t as good on Thursday. Our future is bright with this kid. But he still has a lot to learn. Let Cam get us going. Bill benched him for Stiddy a few times last season. Mac will have his chance!

  8. I could start at QB for the Patriots and BB would put me in a position to succeed.

    I love him.

  9. What’s the difference? Neither will ever be starting caliber at any point now or in the future.

  10. Cam starts until the Pats lose a game due to not putting enough points on the board. Jones sits, learns and appreciates nothing is given to you on the Patriots. He’ll get his opportunity. Alas, receiver is still a weak point on this team but the O Line, running backs and tight ends are going to run it down teams’ throats. The D and special teams will be giving Cam some short fields.

  11. As I stated months ago, it’s no competition, at least not the way media call it. It’s about (as per Stidham, 2019), whether Mac can be backup without Hoyer. And btw, don’t forget Stidham who 2yrs ago absolutely monstered the preseason – yes he sometimes looked mediocre in 2020, but that was being dropped into bad game situations against often top teams (eg, Bills, Rams, Chiefs) when Cam had been pulled – and, frankly, many rookies look mediocre in their first few real games – especially against good teams.

  12. I mean it doesn’t really matter when third place in their own division is the only eventual outcome – cheers!

  13. Jones is absolutely going to be the QB of the Pats at some point. Now is as good as ever in my opinion. Roll with him. He will make mistakes, he will have bad games and probably lose a few because of a mistake he makes. I feel like he is the kind of guy who will learn from those things and improve on them.

  14. What’s the difference? Neither will ever be starting caliber at any point now or in the future.
    Difference is BB’s not dumb enough to plug the same old goal-line play Hawks ran for the umpteenth time, nor have his QB & offense telegraph it so loud a rookie DB could instantly see it.

  15. The interception was troubling, but not so much because of the interception itself. It was a long pass to Meyers that he caught, but it was wrested away by Martinez. What was more disturbing was that Newton threw the pass into double coverage while Kendrick Bourne was wide open near the sideline, equidistant down the field and with his hand in the air. I don’t think Newton processes his options fast enough. He should know the playbook well enough to have known that Bourne would be open and be ready to throw to him instead of Meyers.

    I expect Belichick will start Cam Newton and he’s the coach, so OK. It’s not as if Mac Jones is 100% ready for prime time. But I do think the coach will continue to work Jones hard and that he will likely take over for Newton at some point during the season.

  16. To those calling for Jones now, here’s the not-Jones reasoning: he’s an unknown quantity against smarter NFL coverages & schemes, and if he’s shown to be not ready it’d be tough to expect Cam to happily ride the bench while you learn that fact. Cam ate a crap sandwich last year and this year willingly came back for more. He’ll start then neither he nor anyone else in NE will complain if he falters and Mac replaces him. Then if Mac struggles a bit too, Cam happily goes back in. It’d be a lot tougher to do it the way you want.

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