J.K. Dobbins apparently has an issue with playing, and getting injured, in the preseason

Baltimore Ravens v Washington Football Team
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An interesting post-script has emerged regarding the season-ending injury suffered on Saturday night by Ravens running back J.K. Dobbins.

Taylor Bisciotti, an NFL Network employee who also is the niece of Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti, tweeted after the Dobbins injury, “I just don’t understand playing starters in the preseason. Can’t convince me otherwise.”

Dobbins thereafter liked the tweet.

It’s awkward, to say the least. Coach John Harbaugh decided to play Dobbins and other starters. The owner’s niece generally criticized the approach. And Dobbins agreed with that criticism.

None of it matters in 2021, since Dobbins is out for the year. If, however, the Baltimore running game struggles, some players may wonder whether the team would be better off with Dobbins, and whether starters should have been kept in bubble wrap in the preseason. Thanks to social media, we know that it’s already a very real question for a member of the owner’s family, and for Dobbins himself.

32 responses to “J.K. Dobbins apparently has an issue with playing, and getting injured, in the preseason

  1. Everybody’s vision is 20/20 in hindsight. If nothing had happened, we’d never have heard a word.

  2. Last game of the preseason is not the time to play your top RB. Can’t blame the kid for being upset.

  3. Ships are safest when they’re in the harbor but that’s not what they are meant to do, they are meant to sail the oceans.

    Football players are safest on the bench, but that’s not what they are meant to do. They are meant to play football.

    It’s a tough game and players get hurt in every practice, preseason game and regular season game.

    Injuries are part of the deal and that is why championship teams have, among other things, the best depth. Next man up.

  4. The starters took 23 snaps. Players have season ending injuries in practice too, remember Jamal Lewis. The rub is you protect your starters from injuries in practice and pre-season and if they get injured in the early regular season the blame is lack of meaningful practice. It is the nature of the game and the risk exists period.

  5. Serves them right, being the only team to play starters in the last pre-season game (sarcasm).

  6. Most teams looked inefficient at the start of last season. That is what to expect without some live game reps.

  7. Nobody has mentioned the fact, opposing defenses, and players who may or may not make the team. They have high profile offensive players on their radar, and want to hit them, and hit em hard. Why wouldn’t they?

  8. Preseason should be used as the farm league. Play people who have something to earn or learn, not vets.

  9. Every game is a risk. How about you be positive and go to rehab in your nice lambo. Try and support your team/employer.

  10. It would be an interesting study to research how many players — starters, specifically — have suffered serious injuries in the final pre-season game over, say, the last 10 years. It would also be interesting to evaluate the patterns associated with individual coaches — John Harbaugh, for example. There’s no reason to presuppose Baltimore’s rate of injury has been dramatically different from any other team, and Harbaugh’s overall record of success speaks for itself. I feel bad for Dobbins; he’s a talented young player and appeared poised to have a good year. As for the Bisciotti family, Taylor Bisciotti can second-guess all she wants, but one can’t help but wonder what discussions, if any, Steve Bisciotti, the owner, has had with Harbaugh about this. Really, it’s just an unfortunate thing that could have happened during practice or any other action. It’s a long grind from OTAs through training camp, press-season games and the regular season — especially now, with the dreaded 17th game tacked on at the end of the regular campaign. Good luck to Dobbins fir a full recovery.

  11. I remember Joe Montana’s first year as starting QB in S.F. Paul Hofer was perhaps their best player up until that point. He was a RB. Great runner, and receiver. He got injured in the first or second game of the season. I thought they were doomed. Some no-names stepped in and took Hofer’s place. They weren’t nearly as good as Hofer, but the 49ers ended up winning the super bowl. It was all about the QB then, and it still is today. To this day, many 49ers fans don’t even remember Paul Hofer, unless they’re old timers like me.

  12. “weswelker83 says:
    August 30, 2021 at 8:43 pm

    Ships are safest when they’re in the harbor but that’s not what they are meant to do, they are meant to sail the oceans.”

    The first part of this statement is incorrect as a general rule. US Navy and merchant ships routinely get underway prior to rough weather, ie hurricanes, making landfall. In this circumstance these ships are safest when they’re at sea and can maneuver. Tied up in port they’re more likely to beat themselves against their moorings or against other ships tied up nearby.

  13. Waaaa waaaa waaaaa. Mommy mommy I was playing football and the other guys tackled me now I’m hurt.

  14. They already have an all-world running back in that backfield who they’re foolishly committing half a billion dollars to pretty soon.

  15. football players play football. You can’t protect players from injury by not playing them.

  16. We can’t expect an NFL Network employee to be closed lip on any NFL subject, regardless of their family ties.

  17. Offering some much needed clarity here: Lamar, JK Dobbins, and the projected O-line had yet to play together in a single pre-season game. Not even one snap. The plan for this game was to let them play a series or two and then sit the bench. You can’t wrap your starters up in bubble wrap all pre-season, that’s how injuries occur in September. Ravens are deep at RB, look for them to make a post season push as usual…

  18. The players today are looking to blame anyone or everyone no matter what happens to them. Injuries can happen to any player at anytime, and it doesn’t just have to be on the football field!!
    It’s football. You can injured playing football and the odds are you will — sooner or later.
    Dobbins got injured and it happened in a meaningless pre-season game. but it could have happened in late in the 4th quarter of a game which was already decided by a lopsided score, too.
    I under his frustration but the Ravens’ owner’s niece is clueless. She probably doesn’t even know that there used to be 5 preseason games and everyone played in them — even the big named stars!!
    And in the “old” days, the NFL champion from the previous year used to play a team made up of college all stars who were just drafted into the NFL in their opening preseason game!! The veterans on the championship teams hated that game because they weren’t even in shape yet and they were playing young kids who were in top shape and trying to make a name for themselves!!

  19. Most season-ending injuries are non-contact (ACL, Achilles, etc)

    So playing in a preseason game is no different than practicing against scout defense during the week. Nobody says that players should stop practicing against the scout team when guys tear ACLs in practice.

  20. I mean he could have gotten hurt on the first play of the first game or on a practice field. Why not skip training camp and pre-season all together, to prevent injuries and just let them to play in game 1? Can’t keep football players in bubble wrap. Point of the preseason is to get into game action as a team so it wouldn’t be the first time when it’s game 1. Don’t need to play the whole game, but a series a 2.

  21. It’s puzzling when you care more about the preseason winning streak than being healthy for the season. Usually players get less playing time as the preseason games go on with them generally only getting one drive in the final game. Dobbins was hurt on the first drive so it’s possible he may not have played after that.

    Harbaugh opened himself up to criticism though by mentioning he cared about the preseason winning streak. Why? It means NOTHING.

  22. It’s very easy to be a genius in hindsight. I think it’s weird for the owner’s niece to call out the HC – NFL Network employee or not. It’s stupid and pointless and will just stir up bad blood within the organization.

    Dobbins’ frustration is understandable, but his injury isn’t Harbaugh’s fault. It’s just the nature of the game.

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