Jared Goff: Every year there are new teams in the playoffs; why not us?

Buffalo Bills v Detroit Lions
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There aren’t many outside the Lions’ building who believe the team can go to the postseason this year.

Quarterback Jared Goff doesn’t care about their opinions.

Detroit’s new QB1 is used to winning and going to the postseason, making three trips to the playoffs in the last four years for the Rams. But the expectations are significantly different for his first season as a Lion, given that the team is starting over with a new General Manager and head coach.

Still, Goff said Monday that even though he understands why folks think the way they do about the Lions, he and his teammates have higher expectations.

“It’s a new regime, new staff, they [the Lions] weren’t very good last year,” Goff said, via Tim Twentyman of the team’s website. “It’s a whole new thing, and I understand it, but just like every other team in this league, there’s expectations.

“I don’t know what the stat is, but every year there’s new teams in the playoffs. Every year there are teams that were in the playoffs last year that aren’t. Why not us? Why can’t we be that one that wasn’t in last year that is this year? … Again, it starts one week at a time. Internally, our expectations are as high as anyone else.”

It won’t be easy for Detroit in a division that includes Green Bay, Minnesota, and Chicago. But Goff’s right that every year there are teams that surprise and make their way into the postseason. Things could work out that way for the Lions in 2021 if the club meets its own lofty expectations.

8 responses to “Jared Goff: Every year there are new teams in the playoffs; why not us?

  1. Coming from the guy with the 58.5 QBR last year. I’m sure he’s looking forward to not leading another team to the playoffs while he enjoys that fat contract.

  2. What would you bet to happen- That the Lions make the playoffs or end up with the first pick in next year’s draft?

  3. Ok, my god where to begin. I’m a Lions fan, and I’m sorry for the man talking crazy everybody. We have No chance, zero, cypher, naught, null, nill, Nada, NFC (and that doesn’t stand for a football conference in this instance) of making the playoffs. Guess he has to stay optimistic for sanity in the locker room but we are going to be abused on defense through the air and we are going to be inept on offense through the air. So we got that going for us. Goff, is not very good. And I think that will be revealed the majority of the weeks he plays. This is about gelling an Offensive line with a lot of promise and showing a few answers at the multitude of questions. But in the W/L column we are going to be dreggs city all year. That is all.

  4. If you’re a QB in this league, no matter the team, and you AREN’T thinking Playoffs / Super Bowl the week before the season starts, you don’t belong in the NFL. As unrealistic as it may be this is still what I want to hear from my QB1.

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