Marvin Wilson, undrafted rookie given $192,000 guarantee, waived by Browns

USA Today

When former Florida State defensive tackle Marvin Wilson went undrafted in April, several teams were interested in signing him as an undrafted free agent, and he cashed in by signing with the Browns and getting a $30,000 signing bonus plus $162,000 of his base salary guaranteed.

But that didn’t guarantee him a roster spot. And Tom Pelissero of NFL Network reports that Wilson has been waived by the Browns.

The Browns would like Wilson back on their practice squad, but first he would have to pass through waivers, and it’s possible that one of the other teams that was interested in signing him after the draft will claim him. It’s also possible that Wilson could choose to sign with another team’s practice squad if he passes through waivers.

Wilson was a great high school player and one of the top recruits in the country when he chose Florida State, and if he had entered the 2020 NFL draft he surely would have been selected, perhaps in the first round. But he didn’t play as well in 2020 as he had in 2019, and his draft stock tanked. He also didn’t perform well enough in training camp to earn a Browns roster spot. Now he’ll try to get his career back on track, either in Cleveland or elsewhere.

3 responses to “Marvin Wilson, undrafted rookie given $192,000 guarantee, waived by Browns

  1. If you’re a slacker, you’ll never make the Browns’ 53…

    You’ll have to settle for the Steelers starting line-up.

  2. He was no good at FSU. His high recruiting grade is the only reason people looked at him in the draft.

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