NFLPA: Increased testing doesn’t solve virus risk, will continue to negotiate testing schedule

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In a letter sent to NFL players on Monday night, the NFL Players’ Association advised their members that they will continue to negotiate for more COVID-19 testing even as the NFL has moved the testing interval for vaccinated players to once a week from the existing 14-day window.

“While the League’s proposal results in increased testing frequency for vaccinated individuals, it does not sufficiently solve for the real risk of virus transmission going undetected inside a Club facility,” the letter said, a source provided to PFT. “However, because testing once a week is better than once every 14 days, we will not oppose the changes outlined above. Based on the advice of our medical experts and the emerging science concerning the spread of the Delta variant, we will continue to negotiate for a testing cadence that maximizes protections for players and ensures that games will be played this season.”

The intention of the increased testing routine for players is so asymptomatic positive cases that may present undetected among players who are vaccinated has less chance of spreading to players who may not be vaccinated.

The NFLPA was suggesting daily testing for all players. For the time being, that regimen will remain with just unvaccinated players.

Players and staff who test positive can’t return until they generate two consecutive lab-based PCR tests at least 24 hours apart.

7 responses to “NFLPA: Increased testing doesn’t solve virus risk, will continue to negotiate testing schedule

  1. There must be a benefit to the players doing the right thing & getting vaccinated…. This is just a BS PLOY by the NFLPA to try & level the playing field for their unvaccinated players…. The NFL WISELY compromised & went to 1 week for vaccinated players…..VACCINATED players are at risk but nothing close as to the unvaccinated players…
    Good & fair!!!

  2. Simple. Solution mandate that the players and staff get Vaccinated. With the recent FDA approval. Those who have refused to get Vaccinated have run out of excuses.

  3. Yes. The perfect is the enemy of the good, and my FrEeDuMs are more important than your life.

  4. So basically they want special rules in place because some players refuse to get vaccinated

    Equal rules for the idea that both groups can contract and transmit virus at the same levels? Special rules in this case are being used. You do get that correct? They are actually calling for equality?

  5. Something that “maximizes protections for players” would be to require that all league and team employees (which includes players) are vaccinated.

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