Sean Payton: Saints unsure about Week One home game, New Orleans has higher priorities

Jacksonville Jaguars v New Orleans Saints
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The Saints are scheduled to host the Packers in Week One, but after Hurricane Ida hit New Orleans yesterday, it’s unclear whether that game can be played at the Superdome.

Saints coach Sean Payton said today that the Saints don’t yet know whether the stadium and the city will be in shape to host an NFL game in 13 days, and there are more important things to worry about right now.

We don’t know relative on Week One in the Superdome,” Payton said, via Nick Underhill of NewOrleans.Football. “We’ll have a Plan B. There’s a lot of things from a priority standpoint that are more important to our city.”

The Saints were scheduled to conclude their preseason at the Superdome on Saturday, but that game was canceled because of the storm. The NFL won’t cancel Packers-Saints altogether, and Payton said he can’t see playing it in Green Bay, but it is possible that it won’t be played in New Orleans and will be moved to a neutral field.

Saints players and coaches have evacuated to Dallas and have practices scheduled at the Cowboys’ stadium.

14 responses to “Sean Payton: Saints unsure about Week One home game, New Orleans has higher priorities

  1. The Superdome was drafted into service as temporary shelter when mega-storm Katrina hit the city. Public service must take priority over public circuses.

  2. If superdome impractical they should play in Dallas. Already there,dallas plays Thursday (in tampa). Make any game proceeds to go to hurricane relief.

  3. Let’s play it in Arlington at Jerry World, we got good Super Bowl vibes there.

  4. “We’ll have a Plan B. There’s a lot of things from a priority standpoint that are more important to our city.”

    Good man. I hope the Saints don’t have to become the NFL travel team. Positive vibes for everyone dealing with Ida.

  5. Playing in Dallas is probably the easiest if superdome is out. Cowboys are in Tampa week 1. Saints evacuated to Dallas and are there already. They will NOT play this in Green Bay. So don’t get excited Packer fans.

  6. It will take weeks for power and infrastructure to be running normally in the area.

    They should absolutely move the game. Payton will likely whine enough to keep it out of Green Bay (which is where it would make the most sense to play).

  7. Thankfully this doesn’t look to be Katrina levels of damage for New Orleans but it’s still bad. The city could be without power for a month +, do to major Entergy system failure. Water pressure due to damaged pipes also an issue. Flooding is there but nothing like Katrina. It’s bad, please keep SE LA in your thoughts and prayers. I’m sure the NFL cities/fans hosting the Saints and their fans will be supportive and helpful during this difficult time.

  8. Payton has coached his team since prior to the powerfully destructive Hurricane Katrina; he knows he can count on the sympathy he’ll need when it counts.

  9. Jerry Jones gets a lot of grief, but he deserves a lot of credit for rolling out the red carpet and providing the Saints access to whatever they might need in terms of facilities at AT&T Stadium. Also, as the Saints have been through this before, they were able to hit the ground running, logistically, as soon as they got to Texas

  10. Use the home stadium LSU plays in, or Houston. Houston and New Orleans aren’t that far away. It would be unfair to play in Green Bay. It is a home game for the Saints

  11. It’ll be in Texas somewhere. Whatever works best financially for the team and the league.
    Everybody can sit here and type out their speculations, but it’s going to come down to money and what events are scheduled at venues. Everything else is just noise and wasted time and energy.

  12. It is just a game… Also, why does the league continue to have Miami and New Orleans host Week 1 games when they often have to be rescheduled or played under really crappy conditions? Seems like common sense to me.

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