Superdome suffered no significant damage from Hurricane Ida

New Orleans Faces One Year Anniversary Of Hurricane Katrina
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The Saints are unsure if they will be able to return to New Orleans in time for their scheduled Week One home game against the Packers, but it appears that they will be able to return home this season.

The Superdome appears to have survived Hurricane Ida without any major structural damage, according to Jeff Duncan of the Times-Picayune. Doug Thornton, the vice president of stadiums for ASM Global, the company that operates the Superdome, said staff assessed the damage today and found only one “little window leak.”

The Dome is fine,” Thornton said. “There’s no major damage that we have found.”

That’s great news at a time when many homeowners and business owners in New Orleans were not so lucky. Ida inflicted heavy damage to structures in and around New Orleans.

In 2005, the Saints played the entire season away from home after Hurricane Katrina did significant damage to the Superdome.