Arthur Blank announces $1 million donation to Hurricane Ida relief

Hurricane Ida lays waste to towns south of New Orleans
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The Falcons and Saints are rivals in the NFC South, but Falcons owner Arthur Blank has joined Saints owner Gayle Benson in contributing to Hurricane Ida relief efforts.

Blank will match Benson’s $1 million donation through his family foundation. HalfT of the donation will go to the American Red Cross and the other money will be donated to the Greater New Orleans Foundation.

“This storm’s impact on many people and communities will be felt for some time and that includes many of our family, friends and associates across our portfolio of businesses and foundation who have personal connections to the Gulf Coast,” Blank said in a statement. “Many of the communities being devastated by this storm are already reeling from COVID. So many are without power and resources are already stretched thin, so it is not only impacting those who were in the storm’s path, but also those who’ve been called upon to help those areas get back on their feet. We are in a time of crisis, and we’re so grateful for the first responders, health care workers and other public servants who are already going above and beyond. We hope to play a small part in helping those communities recover by supporting two organizations providing relief on the ground. We encourage others to join the effort to lift those impacted by this storm.”

The Red Cross’ work in areas of Louisiana, Mississippi and elsewhere impacted by the hurricane has already started and the Greater New Orleans Foundation works with non-profits addressing problems created by the storm.

6 responses to “Arthur Blank announces $1 million donation to Hurricane Ida relief

  1. How many millions did Gayle Benson make from the renaming of the Superdome alone? Like $300 something million on top of the almost billion she already has and all she can muster up is $1 million? What a disgrace. Even an arch rival is donating as much.

  2. Once Arthur Blank writes this $1mill donation off on his taxes…that pretty much cancels out the good will contribution.

  3. What callous folks some of you posters are to suggest a million dollars isn’t enough to contribute, or it was done to be a self serving tax break. What have y’all done to help anybody? But I’m sure you are proud of your posts. How can you even stand yourselves?

  4. While the gesture is commendable, its hard to believe he didn’t clear that in profits leading upto the hurricane making landfall.

  5. He’s a class act whose generosity has long helped Atlanta improve and develop. Add Nola to that list.

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