Cowboys release Garrett Gilbert

Jacksonville Jaguars v Dallas Cowboys
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The Cowboys have settled on Cooper Rush as their backup quarterback.

According to multiple reports, the Cowboys are releasing Garrett Gilbert as one of their moves to get to the 53-player limit by 4 p.m. ET on Tuesday. There has also been word that they are waiving Ben DiNucci, which leaves Rush as the only quarterback on the roster behind Dak Prescott.

Gilbert signed with the Cowboys after Prescott’s ankle injury last season and started one game for the team. He went 21-of-38 for 243 yards, a touchdown and an interception before spending the rest of the season on the bench.

He was 28-of-50 for 301 yards and a touchdown in the preseason.

Rush played in two games for the Cowboys in 2017, but has not made any regular season appearances since that point. He’ll be in position to change that unless the Cowboys make a move to bring in an outside quarterback in the coming days.

6 responses to “Cowboys release Garrett Gilbert

  1. Some of my fondest childhood memories involve going to Apollos games in Orlando with my dad to see Gilbert dominate the league. He was a one of a kind talent and I hate to see this storied career come to an end. But he had a great run.


  2. Not going after Minshew was a big mistake. If Dak can’t go for some reason they will be worst off then last year.

  3. Son of Gale Gilbert, the only QB in the NFL to ever go to the Super Bowl 5 straight years. (Gale was the 3rd string QB on the Bills all 4 losses, then 3rd string on the Chargers the following year when they lost.)

  4. It feels like Garrett Gilbert has been in and out of the league for an eternity…if I’m not mistaken,Garrett had a short stint backing up Roger Staubach in the 1970s.

  5. smoothrobinva says:
    August 31, 2021 at 9:48 am
    Damn the only real qb we had !!!! Dak is a stat chaser
    Dak is a stat chaser, but calling Gilbert a real QB is a stretch. 28/50 in the preseason – there is a TE available out there that can hit a higher completion % than that.

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