Dwayne Haskins set to make initial 53-man roster in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Steelers v Carolina Panthers
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Quarterback Dwayne Haskins didn’t play as well as the Steelers hoped when he started against the Panthers in the team’s final preseason game, but it looks like his time in Pittsburgh is going to last a little bit longer.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that Haskins is expected to be on the initial 53-man roster once the Steelers make all of their cuts ahead of Tuesday’s 4 p.m. ET deadline.

Haskins was a Washington first-round pick in 2019, but got released late last season after playing poorly and violating COVID protocols. He signed with the Steelers early in the offseason and went 37-of-58 for 379 yards, two touchdowns and an interception in the team’s four preseason games.

Unless something happens with Mason Rudolph, Haskins is set to be the No. 3 quarterback to start the season. Josh Dobbs is also on the roster, but it seems unlikely he’ll also make the cut as a fourth quarterback in Pittsburgh.

9 responses to “Dwayne Haskins set to make initial 53-man roster in Pittsburgh

  1. It’s amazing how some players get opportunity after opportunity, not for their play, but their ‘potential’ based on how highly they were drafted.
    I’d be one thing if that player was a hard worker, but when they’re not and display the immaturity that Haskins has, it simply shows the stubbornness of some player personnel staff to acknowledge that their assessments were wrong. That Washington came to their conclusion so quickly should have been a signal to Pittsburgh.
    Sometimes a dud is dud from day one.

  2. He’s doing the same thing he did in Washington. Make a few throws per game that make you go wow, this guy has the arm to do it all. Then, the more you watch, you realize that he does not have good pocket presence or the ability read and/or manipulate defenses at all. He was very frustrating to watch play. Good Luck Steelers.

  3. malcomreynolds its not just his draft order, he has arguably the best arm in the game, lightning release, throws effortless lasers like Geoff George, but perhaps easier to catch. You cant teach an arm like that. I agree he has shown nothing, but he is getting these chances due to his freakish natural athletic ability in his arm.

  4. Haskins has been nothing but a good teammate and doing everything the coaches have asked of him so far in Pittsburgh. They have him on a rookie deal so it’s worth seeing how he develops.

  5. What is it with Ohio State QBs? I can’t think of one Ohio State QB that had a long productive career in the NFL. When Art Schlichter is the pinnacle of all-time NFL QBs drafted out of Ohio State…that’s not a good record. (Perhaps Mike Tomczak..he was an undrafted career back up QB with a handful of quality starts)

  6. Kneedragr, ever hear of the phrase “million dollar arm, ten cent head?”
    A lot of coaches/teams/dreamers are under the impression that physical talent are special gifts that can’t be taught, whereas the mental aspect of the game can be easily taught. It’s a flawed way of viewing professional athletes.
    While it’s true that elite physical traits like speed or arm talent can’t be taught, they can be improved upon by determined players and coaches. Tom Brady is an example of that. There are physiological limits of what they can achieve, but improvement is more than possible.
    But an athlete with all the physical gifts one wish for will never amount to much if he doesn’t work on his game. And that’s a question of maturity and the personality of the player involved. For Haskins, he’s as yet displayed nothing to suggest that he’s reversed his career-killing mindset. A person has to be willing to accept criticism, reflect upon on it, and then make the required changes. And character flaws are a lot harder to confront and overcome than physical shortcomings, especially when up until now you’ve been pampered and spoiled, leaving you to believe you’re better than what you are.

  7. I’m not sure y’all are sniveling about this so much. Dobbs is on IR after he got hur5 last game and he’ll end up on the practice squad probably. Haskins is 3rd string and will be inactive on game day. He’s gonna sit and watch for a while, which is probably what he needed to do in Washington.

    Compared to all the other 3rd QBs around the NFL he’s not that bad, and anytime the 3rd qb plays you’re in trouble. Might as well have one with some potential to them.

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