James White: I hope Cam Newton gets another opportunity to land on his feet

Arizona Cardinals v New England Patriots
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The Patriots surprised plenty when they elected to release Cam Newton on Tuesday.

Speaking to the media after news on the quarterback came to light, running back James White wished Newton well while saying one never really knows what to expect.

“Cam did his best job for us and competed extremely hard,” White said, via Zack Cox of NESN. “He’s a good football player. I hope he gets another opportunity to land on his feet.”

Newton’s release means rookie Mac Jones is the  Patriots’ opening-day starter, and White said Jones immediately displayed that he had what it takes to win.

“He’s got a good grasp of [the playbook,” White said, via Henry McKenna of USA TODAY. “He’s building confidence in it, building confidence in the guys in the huddle.”

While there’s no clear landing spot for Newton right now, the former No. 1 overall pick and 2015 MVP should have a market for his services appear at some point in the near future.

6 responses to “James White: I hope Cam Newton gets another opportunity to land on his feet

  1. Looks like all that positive spin going Cam’s way didn’t entice some other team to call for a trade.

    Odd how that doesn’t work sometimes…

  2. From the word go, Newton was a cheap short term rental, cheap both in terms of money and in saving draft picks. Belechick knew last year was a lost year, in terms of being a true contender, and aimed for the future. Newton was just a placeholder during the search for a franchise QB. Whether Jones is the one is still to be determined but he is a Belechick type QB, who’s primary stock in trade is the ability to make good reads, decisions and throws. Newton could just about master the relatively simple offensive scheme that the Panthers employed. What made some people think he could run the very complex Pats offense? Newton surprised me in making better reads and decisions during his season in NE but in the end, he is a running QB who’s effectiveness will continue to decline with the ebbing of his still formidable physical skills.

  3. Miami. He’s not Watson, but is affordable and will fit right in with the Miami Beach crowd while dressing like a disco superstar.

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