Judge uses NFL’s reason for leaving St. Louis to justify not moving Rams relocation litigation

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The NFL has decided to try to move the Rams relocation lawsuit out of St. Louis. The presiding judge has decided not to do so.

Via Jacob Kim of the St. Louis Business Journal, Judge Christopher McGraugh concluded on Tuesday that there’s no evidence that potential jurors in the case have an inherent bias against the league.

In reaching this conclusion, Judge McGraugh relied in part on the NFL’s justification for leaving St. Louis in the first place. He pointed out that the league decided that “there wasn’t enough support in this community to maintain the team.”

“It seems now to be able to say that this community is so angry that they’ll punish them for leaving seems to be contrary,” McGraugh said.

Here’s the other basic reality, as previously explained. Most people in any given NFL community don’t care about the local NFL team. That’s why politicians take such great pains to avoid public votes on questions of the investment of public money into the construction of a new stadium. Most people in a community don’t care about the local NFL team. Plenty do; usually, more than enough to fill the stadium and to watch the game on TV. But there’s not the kind of saturation that would make it impossible for the NFL to find jurors capable of being unbiased as to the NFL because they’re upset that the Rams left.

In our view, the NFL doesn’t want a new jury pool. It wants a new judge. And a motion to recuse Judge McGraugh eventually could be coming, given that he previously has decided to allow the plaintiffs to have a look at the financial records of Commissioner Roger Goodell, Rams owner Stan Kroenke, and other owners.

11 responses to “Judge uses NFL’s reason for leaving St. Louis to justify not moving Rams relocation litigation

  1. Obviously it must really suck to let a NFL franchise move on if St Louis is this desperate. Should have just funded your portion of the economic jackpot the team brings to town outside of the organization. St Louis really messed up and they know it.

  2. Good for him.

    Hopefully Kroenke er al end up with a massive pain in the wallet from all of this.

  3. The NFL, as well as the NAAA’ s propensity to bully, extort, and exploit should be brought to a halt Immediately!

  4. This makes me happy! I really have no dog in the fight one way or the other(outside my hatred of all things Rams), but seeing the NFL have their own words thrown back at them makes me happy. I understand that the NFL is a business and it exists to make money, but it def feels like in the last 10 years or so they have begun to sacrifice EVERYTHING for that dollar. Maybe I wasent paying attention before and this has always been the way it was. From Ray Rice, to concussions, to Watson, to Kraft honestly it’s getting bit sickening. So yeah, this makes me happy and I hope Goodell and the NFL lose this ine

  5. As a Vikings fan that had an LA relocation threat hung over us for over a decade… I love it and the NFL should be worried.

  6. Where was all of this righteous indignation when the Rams were stolen from the Los Angeles area in the 1990s?

    Frontiere was a bitter woman who left for St. Louis after being denied membership to a country club. Really. John Shaw got her a pile of money from St. Louis interests, and Shaw himself never left L.A. He worked out of the Rams old office on Pico all the while the Rams were in St. Louis.

    Frontiere’s kids sold the team to Kroenke after she died. Kroenke moved his business to where it would most prosper, just like any good business person would.

    All St. Louis is ensuring is that it will never get another team. They may also get some money and win this battle, but it will lose the war.

  7. Gotta love it when their own words are used against them.
    Doubt the bias judge routine is going to work. The NFL should be concerned about what they said in the depositions.

  8. This is hillarious. I love judges that obviously want to stick it to the big dog corporations and use their arguments against them. New judge anybody?

  9. All the NFL should need to do is show film of the old stadium and say it was a health hazard to the players and coaches and the city wouldn’t fix it.

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