JuJu Smith-Schuster does the milk crate challenge, for some reason

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Steelers receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster loves to have a little fun and take a few risks. He recently took a risk that horrified plenty of his team’s fans.

JuJu did the milk crate challenge, a fairly new and extremely dangerous phenomenon that consists of climbing a pyramid of plastic cubes, stepping from one to stacks of two through six and then back down.

Here’s the video (the attached photo is not from JuJu’s effort). He had someone on each side of the crates, ostensibly to catch him if he fell. Then there’s the fact that Smith-Schuster is a professional athlete, giving him far more skill than the vast majority of those caught on camera slipping and tripping and falling.

Smith-Schuster joins the Colts’ mascot as NFL figures pulling off the stunt. Here’s hoping that the extent of it. TikTok recently banned milk crate challenge videos; it’s an inherently dangerous activity that has caused many injuries.

So don’t do it. Whether or not you’re someone who job requires avoiding off-duty injury, do not do it.

21 responses to “JuJu Smith-Schuster does the milk crate challenge, for some reason

  1. Until the very moment I clicked on this article, I’d never heard of this.

    What a stupid phenomena… Milk Crate Challenge???


  2. Juju is what we all thought he was.
    An incredibly immature kid who has no sense of responsibility or accountability when he does childish things.
    The Steelers should trade him or cut him before he does something stupid that harms his team or teammates.

  3. Stupid people will never run of ways to prove their stupidity, but it’s one thing if it’s a team’s mascot who is likely making minimum wage as opposed to a veteran wide receiver who is making millions. JuJu Schuster has never seemed like the sharpest pencil in the drawer, but he insists on proving it time and again. If Mike Tomlin wasn’t a “players coach” who wants to be everybody’s bestie, he would fine Schuster for his dopey and selfish stunt, but that’s not happening. I look forward to JuJu participating in the clogged toilet challenge coming soon to an Instagram account near you.

  4. Next will be the “walking across hot coals” challenge followed by the “rehab and free agency” challenge.

  5. I know I’m the wrong generation but I don’t care for any of these challenges. I don’t care for social media though either. In general – ok some are for good causes, hard to argue that. But it seems like a bunch of people saying “look at me look at me”. JuJu has enough eyes on him as it is. Given that this is also potentially dangerous … yeah way to go JuJu. Your star continues to fall in my eyes.

  6. And I used to think JuJu was the sensible Steelers receiver beside AB. Tomlin sure earns his salary.

  7. @ohio49er: ah yes, the tried and true “fine the millionaire thousands of dollars into submission” plan… works every time! can’t believe they haven’t thought of that before.

  8. Could you imagine if a pro athlete hurt himself doing the milk crate challenge a week before the NFL season starts?

  9. It’s the generation of ” I’d rather make millions and be famous” than, ” I’d like to win and be famous and make millions”. I hate that the Steelers signed this clown for another year of fumbles and excuses.

  10. It isn’t as dangerous as it seems. If you grew up on a farm. Or did that kind of work, this is nothing. Then again, I didn’t make millions of dollars.

    Standing on a stack of hay bales is just as dangerous, if not more so

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