Report: Buccaneers working on contract restructure for Mike Evans

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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are working on restructuring the contract of Pro Bowl wide receiver Mike Evans, according to Jeremy Fowler of

The Buccaneers currently have the least amount of salary cap space of any team in the NFL, according to the NFLPA database. Tampa Bay has just $270,339 in space ahead of Tuesday’s roster cut deadline.

With the roster cut down, the salary cap formula goes from counting just the top 51 contracts on the roster to having to include the entire roster, practice squad and all injured reserve obligations.

Evans is set to make $12.25 million in base salary this season. With the league minimum salary for players of Evans’ experience being $1.075 million, the Buccaneers could convert $1.175 million of his salary into a signing bonus to free up space.

Evans restructured his contract last year as well to help the Buccaneers with their cap. Bruce Arians said back in February that Evans was again willing to alter his deal to help keep the Super Bowl team together.

3 responses to “Report: Buccaneers working on contract restructure for Mike Evans

  1. Kick that can down the road. That is always the answer until it is not.

    Plus side his cap hit would be entirely to much to move away from. Just hope he stays healthy.

  2. Why wouldn’t Mike Evans be willing to convert salary into a signing bonus. There is no down side that I can see for him. He is a tram player, but this is not a team player mover in my opinion.

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