Source: Dolphins owner Stephen Ross “really wants” Deshaun Watson

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The Dolphins haven’t said that they don’t want quarterback Deshaun Watson. There’s a good reason for that.

They do.

Per a league source, owner Stephen Ross “really wants” the Texans quarterback. For now, however, the Dolphins and Texans have been unable to reach a deal.

Last year, Ross wanted to trade up for Joe Burrow. The Bengals refused any and all offers Miami made for the first overall pick in the draft. The Dolphins settled for Tua Tagovailoa with the fifth overall selection. In so doing, they left quarterback Justin Herbert on the board.

With Watson, a short-list franchise quarterback Ross has long coveted, now available, Ross wants to get him. The Texans, however, continue to have unrealistic expectations. They reportedly want three first-round picks and a pair of second-round picks. While there may be some play in that widely-reported package, the Texans aren’t willing to soften their expectations to account for the uncertainty arising from Watson’s legal situation.

As explained during Tuesday’s PFT Live, the Texans possibly refuse to relent because they realize that Watson’s next team will be getting a 10-year answer at the position. Despite any possible short-term unavailability, he’ll most likely will eventually be cleared to play, whether in 2022, 2023, or 2024.

The owner’s desire to get Deshaun likely won’t wane — unless Tagovailoa becomes a franchise quarterback in 2021.

What if Miami offers three first-round picks and a third-round pick? Or three first-round picks and a player or two? Or a pair of first-round picks and Tua? There are significant offers that the Dolphins could make that would be less than three ones and two twos but that would be more than what the Texans otherwise will get before the 2021 trade deadline.

The overriding question continues to be whether the Texans will pay Watson to not play until he can be traded in 2022 (at the earliest) or whether they will take what they can get.

74 responses to “Source: Dolphins owner Stephen Ross “really wants” Deshaun Watson

  1. Watson, to this point, still hasn’t been suspended by the league, right? So if he got traded, one of two things would happen:

    1. The NFL would have to immediately jump in and suspend him (Commissionaer’s exempt list), or…

    2. He could start as soon as he’s ready.


  2. I “really want” a Ferrari. Not sure either of us is going to get what we want…

  3. The only way this would be a good deal for Miami is if there is a clause that negates all traded commodities (i.e. draft picks) if he doesn’t play because of the of the field stuff. The guy is a beast for sure but man that’s a lot to give up for a question mark.

  4. This is why where a young QB lands matters a lot. Ownership should let the coaching staff and the front office make QB decisions. What Miami is doing is destroying their young QB’s confidence which is never good.

  5. Tua must be feeling very welcomed, great way to start the year. They did this kid wrong, hope he goes to another team and has a successful career like the rest of the ex Dolphins. It’s the Dolphins what do you expect.

  6. Jules you give that guy 3 firsts and 2 seconds and I’ll shoot him on general principle. No no no no we aren’t doing that trade and Vince shut the bleep up!

  7. “The owner’s desire to get Deshaun likely won’t wane — unless Tagovailoa becomes a franchise quarterback in 2021.”

    Really? So, if Watson ends up criminally charged and headed to jail Ross will STILL want him? Or if more details come out as the civil lawsuits move along making him look even worse than he does currently? I find these articles very strange how his very serious legal and image problems get treated like they’re some minor issues like he didn’t get along with his last coach or somebody thought he maybe could have worked a little harder.

  8. The idea is you take him and he plays for you for at least ten years minus and suspension

  9. Once again a clueless owner gets involved with what should be a football decision. Signing a long term lease on a nice shiney used but unregistered and unlicensed Masarrati who may never be legally driveable? It might be worth the risk at a seriously discounted price, but even two 2st round picks would be too much. But then RG3 cost three 1st and a 2nd for a player who had never played a single down in the NFL because another clueless billionaire owner wanted a shiney new toy.

  10. Watson, without the baggage, is not worth 3 first round picks and 2 second round picks. At best, with a clean slate, maybe 2 first round picks and nothing more. Given the questions marks and off field behavior, I do not think he is worth even one first round pick.

  11. And Jerruh wanted to give up the farm to draft Johnny Goofball. Lucky for the Cowboys his son talked him out of it. Someone needs to explain to Ross that giving up three first round picks and two seconds will set the organization back a decade. It’s not worth it. Besides, they had a chance for Herbert and selected Tua instead. Why draft a QB at #5 then give up all that draft capital to get a QB with tons of baggage? That would be the worst trade since the Vikings gave up all those draft picks for Herschel Walker.

  12. A year after drafting a QB at #5, they’re ready to toss him out to chase someone with only 1 playoff win in 4 seasons, coming off a 4-12 season, with 22 women accusing him of sexual assault.

    This is how bad tams stay bad.

  13. Yes a league source in the Texans front office says Ross ‘Really wants Watson’

  14. Here we go again with “source”
    I’m guessing this is not even truthful and just more drama to stir up.
    As a fan I sure hope it is not true.

  15. Stephen Ross is a great civic minded guy. However he really needs to not make football decisions; His coach hires have not helped the franchise; Nick Saban, Cam Cameron, Tony Sparano and Joe Philbin. Moreover Bill Parcells who was in charge of personnel as Executive VP was a disaster using the draft.

  16. Please, let the Phins just roll with Tua, Mr Ross, do you not remember when you wanted Suh so badly, how did that turn out???? Just go with your 5th round pick from last year, he is going to have a good year and career, the guy you want to replace him with might be in prison. Don’t do this and alienate your players AND your fans

  17. Tua confidence right now must really be sky rocketing. If this is true, and a BIG IF then Ross needs to stay out of day to day operations and let his coach and GM make those decisions. If it is not true he best get in front of a microphone and state the truth. What a way to destroy a kids confidence.
    Why does everyone have such a hard time giving Tua a chance. I sure hope all the ones spreading rumors come forward and admit they were wrong about Tua when he has a great season. You can’t have it both ways. Either be on board or not.

  18. The man is a fool. He can use those three #1 picks and the two middle round picks to trade up for a younger, cheaper franchise QB in next years draft assuming he still doesn’t like Tua.

  19. This makes me feel better. Suggests neither Flores not Grier want to make this trade. But they can’t rule it out because Ross wants it. I don’t think Ross will override his GM and coach, as long as the Texans stay ridiculous with their demands.

    And at this point it really makes more sense for the Texans to pay Watson the $10 mill and wait until after the season to trade. Even if his legal problems are still undecided, at least they would know what 2022 picks they would get.

  20. You have 10 criminal complaints and 22 alleged sexual assaults pending. Each criminal assault is 5 years in jail. It’s pretty hard to say 22 other people are lying. His career is over. If you traded a single 7th rounder, then you screw up your salary cap by $10M+. This talk about 3 first rounders, was last year’s talk, before all of the lawsuits.

    I might consider trading Watson plus a first rounder for a 7th rounder (and then you cut him and pick up a first rounder)(but lose $10M).

  21. I think a team would be crazy to agree to all three of these things : (1) Extremely high trade compensation, (2) Extremely high contract cost, and (3) Assuming all of the risk if he is suspended. Drop off one of the three and it may work, but all three? No thank you.

  22. If he actually goes with the trade, it would be a huge mistake, the Texans want 3 1st round picks and 2 2nd round picks. That’s a steep price for Deshaun Watson. Dolphins just drafted Tua 2 years ago so why give up on him? He’s shown potential so just stick with him.

  23. Tua is barely a year removed from a devastating hip injury. before said injury he was the “experts” consensus #1 pick. Give him some time to acclimate and learn how to play the pro game. Way too soon to pull the plug

  24. Mr Ross has done a great job when it comes to investing on the team, the stadium and other infrastructure; but when it comes to other things, it’s a problem. His handling in the past of coaching searches while still having a HC in place, his fixation with having star minority owners, and now this with Watson totally undercutting Tua. I understand at his age, he wants to win now but he is doing a disservice to Tua and our fan base. Sad thing is, that even if he trades for Watson, maybe Watson will not be able to play for a long time or perhaps ever. Wish he would let the folks he hired run the club. Perhaps if he doesn’t have the patience anymore, he should sell to an owner who will stay the course to build a long term contender.

  25. An owner should never be the one “buying the groceries”, as Bill Parcells would say. This is comparative to Jerry Jones wanting to draft Johnny Manziel. Asking for a boatload of trouble… I feel for Tua. Knowing that the owner would rather have Watson is pretty degrading.

  26. Of course, let his genius keep making decisions, during his ownership not one playoff win.

  27. “Tua is our starting QB. He’s definitely moving in the right direction.” “Hold up, I have Call from William B. coming through.”

  28. As a Phins fan for over 40 yrs, I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t want a person like Watson as my QB. That is my prerogative. The QB is supposed to represent your community and you want Watson as the face of your franchise? No thanks.

  29. Can’t blame him. Between Brady and Allen, he’s staring at potentially 40 years of his division being lorded by a significantly better QB. Noodle arm broken Tua is not dethroning Allen any time soon. Go for the gold even if it means he don’t play for 2 years.

  30. Smart…it’s clear Tungoviola ain’t it…!!! And it appears the Dolphins know that…that’s gonna save them a lotta grief…like it did the WFT with Haskins…and the Cards with Rosen…more and more teams are starting to get it…move on the moment you know the current QB ain’t it…wonder how long it’ll take Jax to figure that out with Fabio…

  31. LOL, please let this happen. I’d love to see this blow up right in the Dolphins face.

  32. Everyone talking about Tua and his confidence….waaahhhh. Everyone talking about Tua being a 5th pick…so what? Josh Rosen was top 10 too, as was JaMarcus Russell and Ryan Leaf. The NFL isn’t group therapy. It is a business and it is a league driven by performance. Part of my personal rub on Tua is what I think is a lack of mental toughness (I am not alone) so if his confidence is shaken he shouldn’t be the guy anyway. And where he was picked should have zero impact on making the right moves for one’s club. Not saying pursuing Watson is the right move, but I am saying this isn’t about Tua.

  33. If this was even remotely a good idea, don’t you think well run franchises like the Patriots and Steelers would be all over it? All owners and GM’s should ask themselves “what would the Patriots / Steelers / Ravens do?” before they make any decision. It would save them a world of hurt.

  34. Two things:

    1. After Jerry Jones, Stephen Ross is the worst owner in the league.

    2. If the possibility of a trade is enough to affect Tua’s confidence, then he is not and never will be a franchise QB.

  35. Tua is far worse than could have been imagined. Undersized, tunnel vision, sub-par arm, injury history. He looks like exactly what he is. An over-rated college qb who when not commanding an offense that has an enormous talent disparity to the other team looks lost. The Dolphins have a SB calibre team with a top flight QB in place. As long as the draft picks for Watson are contingent on playing time (legal issues may force him to sit) its a steal.

  36. The Texans will keep Watson, make him dress for every game, and allow the fans to boo Watson throughout the game and the season.

    Between now and next years draft, Watson will blink, and settle these lawsuits. With the lawsuits gone, the criminal investigations will go away aswell!

    The Giants, Eagles, Dolphins, Packers, Lions, Steelers, Colts, Falcons, Saints, Broncos, Raiders, and maybe the Buc’s, depending on what Brady does after this season, will all be looking to improve their QB situation. Then the Texans will get the (3) 1st’s and (2) 2nd’s for Watson.

    The Texans will gladly pay Watson the 10 million this year to get what they are asking for Watson. Hell, the Texans just traded a LB for a 6th round pic and paid him 7 million signing bonus!

    Yea, the Texans will sit on Watson until he blinks, settles the lawsuits, and then trade him before next years draft.

    Why trade Watson now for peanuts, when things will be much clearer next year?

  37. Miami doesnt care about negative press… Watson after this will become Vick 2.0. flash in the pan on new team and then out of the league in two more.

  38. Possible criminal charges should nullify any deal. Even then three #1s is too much for a young, top 5 QB talent, esp. for a still building team. Flores is on a good path, so don’t mess it up.

  39. First off Watson is not going to jail. I have no idea if he is guilty or innocent, although I’m guessing when this many woman make claims then there is likely a lot of truth to it. When you have money you can buy your way out of many things. The Saints starting QB was accused of raping at least 2 woman. Sounded very credible but FSU paid them off to drop charges. We just had a President who has been accused of these things many times, and also very credible accusations and by golly conservative Christians made him the frickin President. Nope, Watson will pay these accusers off, and more power to them. I hope they get all they are seeking. In 2 years no one will be talking about this anymore and whatever fanbase has Watson will love him. I mean people talk about Winston like hes this wonderful feel good story now days. It sucks but it’s just the way it is. Truth is, and I’ll admit this, I would rather have one of these guys help my team win the superbowl than have a group of saints go 3 and 14. And so would nearly all of you

  40. silly to deal him now as he would only improve the Dolphins and thus hurt the draft package coming back. Gotta wait till season is over and draft order is set once again.

  41. Why do I get the feeling that the owner wants him but Coach Flores is happy with Tua? I smell a rift. I wish Ross would keep out of these decisions.

  42. ”After Jerry Jones, Stephen Ross is the worst owner in the league.”


    WFT fans like me know Dan Snyder is the worst [though Jones and Ross are bad too].

  43. I couldn’t support him, but it took Philadelphia only about a year to forget about Micheal Vick’s past.

  44. With everything that is pending in regards to Watson a trade for him would have to be loaded with alternatives based upon his availability. Then once he arrives there will be strong pushback against him due to his off the field issues. In the interim, Tua is left to try and focus on the job at hand. This is not an ideal situation for a young QB a couple weeks prior to beginning his first season as a starter.

  45. Who knows what Ross really said. He is a smart and savey business man and I am sure he is aware of how the legal system works. Im guessing he probably said, “Would love to have Watson…..but”

  46. To those questioning the anonymous source, the day sources are required to be named will be the day the rumors stop.

  47. You’re the owner Steve. You want him go get your man. It’s going to be costly but it’s your team. Send it

  48. Guys like Ross and Dan Snyder are good businessmen, but they don’t have a clue about what makes a winning NFL QB. But, half the GM’s don’t either, including HOF QB John Elway, so why pick on Ross?

  49. A Miami landing spot makes sense. Shorter flights for independent East Coast muscle technicians.

  50. Not sure who is starting these Watson to “Whomever” rumors (it’s just Miami’s turn in the barrel) but he isn’t going anywhere.

    1) He IS NOT a winning QB! After 4 years MARK SANCHEZ had a better record both in the regular season and playoffs. Including playoff wins against guys named Brady and Manning. Who has Watson beaten or what has he won?
    2) That contract is BRUTAL against the salary cap for a guy with his track record. (See #1 above).
    3) Even if Watson is not guilty of an actual CRIME he certainly is in major trouble just from a PR sense. Is this really the guy you want to be the face of your franchise?

    If anybody is stupid enough to want Watson (and he is a stat machine, ho hum) then they’d be smart to wait until his legal troubles clear up and see if he can be more successful in a football sense in 2021. At least if he does the latter you’ll get an idea of what he is actually worth (and it isn’t anywhere in the zipcode of 3 #1s and 2 #2s).

    Somehow I doubt the legal troubles will clear up and I also don’t think he will ever be more than a stat machine in the NFL.

  51. Tua is recovering from major surgery. They rushed things and named him the starter last year while Fitzmagic was blowing up the league. Now they are ready to replace him?

    Not a very smart way to run a football team.

  52. Coach Redd says:
    August 31, 2021 at 2:30 pm
    Everyone talking about Tua and his confidence….waaahhhh. Everyone talking about Tua being a 5th pick…so what? Josh Rosen was top 10 too, as was JaMarcus Russell and Ryan Leaf. The NFL isn’t group therapy. It is a business and it is a league driven by performance. Part of my personal rub on Tua is what I think is a lack of mental toughness (I am not alone) so if his confidence is shaken he shouldn’t be the guy anyway. And where he was picked should have zero impact on making the right moves for one’s club. Not saying pursuing Watson is the right move, but I am saying this isn’t about Tua.

    4 6 Rate This

    The same guy who wanted to draft Tua, know this. They flip flopped on this kid multiple times, piss poor management. That’s not how you professionally handle your most important position on the team by coming out multiple times saying you want another QB. Especially when your guy is trying to get better and overcome last year.

  53. Ross is also a Trump backer and wasted lots of $ there too, not very good at picking winners lol

  54. Ross and the Dolphins have come out against this article. Ross stating he supports Tua and will not force a trade.

    Local media vs national NY based media.

    Ross from the beginning was Tua biggest supporter. Ross also said in this rebuild NO MORE SHORTCUTS.

  55. “Per a league source” please define a “league source” is this just a rumor made up and an easy way to hide behind the old “league source?”

  56. bringbackkosar says:
    August 31, 2021 at 4:57 pm
    Ross is also a Trump backer and wasted lots of $ there too, not very good at picking winners lol
    What has that got to do with football? Ross has picked enough winners to have a net worth of 8 billion dollars. How you doing?

  57. Let me get this straight, you want to trade a generational qb, who could be the type of transformational person that Brees was for New Orleans for a pervert who still hasn’t accomplished anything and if anything, lost the only wr he was able actually connect with. A wr, I might add whose claim to fame was CONTESTED balls. Wow. I should have known Miami would find a way to screw this up. Funny how NE found a way to get it right going into the season with Mac and Miami has all these “questions” surrounding qb1 – smh. Maybe they should just send next year’s first round draft pick for Fitzpatrick from WTF, err WFT, since the fanbase seems to relish being an also-ran so much- lol

  58. At the very least we know a lot more about Watson’s character and judgement because of what’s going on. We also know he’ll pitch a fit when he disagrees with management’s decisions causing all sorts of problems.

    Not sure why you’d want that to be the face of your franchise.

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